Dota 2 7.00 update, what’s new?

December 16, 2016 0 By urbantechnoobs

A lot of Dota players have been vocal on social media about the recent update of Dota 2. Some liked the new additions and the make over that has been done to the whole game, while some disliked it and others hated it.

The heavily impacted in this update are the game-play and the map. Gameplay-wise, for us, it is much more enjoyable this time. With the addition of the skill tree in the game, players will be able to think of ways on how the attributes in the skill tree would help give their hero the upper hand of the game.

The skill tree gives each hero unique attributes, which will be gained when a hero reaches a certain level (10, 15, 20, 25). The attributes will depend on the hero. Each hero is fitted with attributes that will surely be beneficial for him/her depending on how the player uses it and when it is gained. Some of the attributes are additional strength, agility, intelligence, additional attack speed, decreased skill cool-down, and amplified spells or skills. The skill tree has two sides in which the attributes are located, players will need to think ahead and plan what attributes to get to be able to have the upper hand against the opposing team. If a player chooses an attribute on the right side, the attribute on the other side will be grayed out – rendering it unusable. A player should be cautious on what attributes to pick and what not to.

The Map, on the other hand, doesn’t need that much getting used to. Maybe two to three games will accustom your senses with the map again. Yes, there are changes made to the Map that we loved and grew up with, but it’s not that hard to get used to the new one.

The 7.00 Map just added some features to make the game more exciting. One of which, the shrines, which are strategically located on each territory – two are located on Radiant’s camp and two are within the Dire’s. These shrines are like mini wells, it replenishes your health and mana. However, unlike the well in each base, these shrines will be empty once used, but will replenish again after a couple of minutes. This will make the battle in the middle-lane much more exciting – no need to walk to the base just to replenish health and mana and no more hard wishing for Regeneration runes.

Another thing to point out about the map is the addition of four gold rune locations. There will be six rune locations on this map. Two gold runes are strategically located at the Dire side of the map and the other two are situated on the Radiant’s camp. Those who would want to hunt Roshan early, will need to take note that he relocated on left side of the map. Roshan’s new crib is just behind/beside the rune which is near the Radiant’s territory.

These are just some of the things that needs to be pointed out before you open that newly updated Dota 2 of yours. A friendly reminder from us to you, pick the Monkey King! He’s one heck of a hero.