Play Everything At Playstation Asia’s Roadshow At SM North Edsa Annex

October 8, 2017 0 By urbantechnoobs
SM North Edsa Annex has been a favorite place when it comes to latest tech products. It has also become the venue of a lot of big IT, Gaming, and eSports festivities and gatherings. Recently we visited and covered the opening of Gigabyte’s concept store in this same place. Now, we’re reeled in again to this place to experience Playstation Asia’s “Play Everything” Roadshow.

Play Everything Roadshow started last October 3 and will end on the 8th. A five day event that let’s attendees basically Play Everything showcased at the venue. We roamed around the venue to give you a little peek of what’s up.

Experience the future of motorsports with Gran Turismo sports, wherein tons of classes of cars, from touring cars up to concept cars are available to use. Experience amazing graphics and gameplay at the Gran Turismo booth that has a PS4 Pro combined with Thrustmaster T300RS that gives a very realistic driving feel!

The hype never ends when it comes to dancing! Just Dance 2017 is fun to play. Try to imitate what the dancers on the screen do to rack up your score. Playing this game alone is fun, but when played with friends, it gets a little more amazing and exciting!

And if you’re the kind of gamer who wants old or retro game that sends you back to your childhood days, well here it is! It is the same Crash Bandicoot we treasured and loved, but now remastered on PS4! The game has so many levels that will take you days to complete! I mean, there’s no person that won’t buy this game! It’s a very fun game!

As of this writing, this game is the best game I’ve played on PSVR. The story of the game is you’re stuck on an island and you have to embark on a long journey to reunite with your comrades. You’ll have to fight your way through a ton of monsters as you progress in the game. So, if you are searching for a challenge on PSVR, well you have to try this out!

And they’ve got a lot of discounted items waiting for the Roadshow attendees. So if you’re planning to get yourself a PS4 console, then this is the right time and venue to get one as most of the products that are up for sale here are discounted.

Note: This event coverage is by: Lester A