Playpark Philippines To Relaunch A Couple Of Old But Gold Online Games

October 25, 2017 0 By urbantechnoobs

We all have experienced being a dedicated gamer in some point of our lives, especially when it comes to online gaming. Most of us, especially those who came from the era of dial-up internet and load-hungry online games, surely miss the excitement that only a number of classic online games could give.

So with this in mind, Playpark, the Philippines’ one-stop gaming portal for Asiasoft online games, at a recent media event held at High Grounds, announced that it will relaunch a couple of old but gold online game titles that once captured the hearts of  Filipino online gamers.

One of which is the online music and dancing game – Audition, but this time around, it will hold the name Audition Next Level. Audition Next Level will have new in-game features such as New Avatar Items, New songs and a Tournament Server. Also, Audition Next Level will feature a new Anti-hack security and a Facebook login option. Early access for the game starts on October 13, 2017 and will officially launch on November 2017. If you want to register and experience the early access, just click on this link.

Another game to be relaunched, is a game that most of us fell in-love with, RF Online. Niel Caruncho, Product Manager (RF Online), pulled the trigger and revealed that RF Online will be on a limited beta testing on November 2017 and will be available for open beta testing on the following month. He also mentioned that RF Online will be touring the country again. The tour will surely gain new players for the game and will also to rekindle the flames of previous players.

Playpark also announced their new mobile game — War of Heroes, which is available on Android and iOS. War of Heroes is a tower defense strategy simulation game which is set on the dark ages of fantasy medieval era. The game features legendary heroes of famous mythology and real leaders from world history, which the player can meet and recruit into his/her group.

War of heroes is free to download on Google Play and Apple App Store. To know more about the game head on over to this link.