Radeon Chill: Achieve Cooler Temps and Lesser Power Consumption

February 22, 2018 0 By urbantechnoobs

If you want to experience lower temperatures while having acceptable frame rates with your Radeon powered graphic cards, then you may want to check out and enable Radeon Chill.

Radeon Chill is a feature within the Radeon Adrenalin Software that enables a Radeon powered graphics card to draw less power from its power source (PSU, laptop battery) while synchronously hitting the target frame rate and keeping the temperature at bay.

The Radeon Chill feature and all the benefits that come along with it can easily be activated with just a flip of a switch in the Radeon Adrenaline software. Under the gaming tab, you’ll find the Global settings which contains the Radeon Chill switch. Flip the Radeon Chill switch On, then return to the gaming tab and choose the game you want to configure; by default, the games in your system will automatically be displayed in the gaming tab of the Adrenalin software, but if the game you are looking for is not in the selection – you can just simply add it manually by clicking on the add button on the upper right corner of the Adrenalin software.

Once you’ve found and selected the game you want, you can now configure its minimum and maximum target frame rate. The frame rate, which can be set from 30 up to 300, will dynamically change from its minimum target to the maximum depending on the intensity of the game’s scene. This dynamic change of frame rate and having a target fps lower the GPU work load, thus lowering temperature.

Moreover, Radeon powered laptops that will take advantage of the Radeon Chill feature will experience lengthier battery life and better responsiveness while playing eSports titles or triple-A games.

The Radeon Adrenalin software is free to download from the official website of AMD.