AMD Unveils Its Mid-Range Motherboards With B450 Chipset

August 1, 2018 0 By urbantechnoobs
AMD, a leading CPU manufacturer, releases its mid-range motherboard chipset, the B450. As we all know, the AM4 platform offers performance scalability that most of the gamers and professionals need in their respective fields.

The new B450 is optimized for the second generation Ryzen processors, but is not locked to only the new generation processors, because it will still be compatible with the existing AMD processors. Present and future AMD CPUs up to the year 2020 will be compatible with the existing and new AM4 motherboards.

Just like the previous generation’s B350, the new B450 supports CPU and DRAM overclocking, so users who want to get more juice out of their processors will be able to with this mid-range motherboard.

A nifty addition to the B450 is the StoreMI feature. It combines the speed of your SSD and the capacity of your HDD to produce a more responsive system. This feature was first introduced for free with the X470 chipset, and will also be a free feature with the B450 motherboards.

Partner brands are set to release their B450 motherboard lineups shortly after the announcement from AMD.

Note: A BIOS update is needed to be able to use new generation processors on previous generation motherboards. Check with your motherboard manufacturer’s website for the BIOS update for your motherboard.