Noob’s Guide to ESGS 2018

October 26, 2018 0 By Reyjon Oregas

ESGS or eSports and Gaming Summit is one of, if not the biggest, gaming convention in the Philippines. It is organized by the awesome team of Gariath Concepts and is being co-presented by PLDT and Smart.
ESGS is a 3-day event that starts on October 25, 2018 and sees its last day on the 28th. It gathers popular brands from the PC and gaming industry in the 4 halls of SMX Convention Center, setting aside rivalries to live together in an ecosystem that not only enables them to showcase their latest innovations and offerings, but also acts as a portal to not only their fans, but also to newbies of the PC and gaming community.
Now that you know something about ESGS, let’s start with our Noobs Guide to ESGS 2018.

Pack all the right stuff

First off, you’ll need to secure a ticket. You can get a ticket, which costs PHP 210, at any SM Ticket Outlet located in SM Cinemas nationwide. Once you’ve secured a pass, you might want to pack a couple of stuff like water for when you need to get rehydrated, and a couple of towels just incase you get your back a little sweaty. We don’t want you catching colds or worst, Pneumonia during or after the event, right?

Quests have rewards
Before roaming around the venue, download the Quest Rewards App, register and claim your free baller during the event. The Quest Rewards App is a new and fun way to experience ESGS and will give you the chance to win awesome items through quests. The Quest Reward App is available for download via the Apple App Store and Google Play. Below is a detailed walk-through on how to get a chance to score exclusive freebies using the Quest Rewards App, and a walk-through on how to win exclusive freebies for those who don’t have their smartphones.
Aside from the freebie from downloading and registering for the Quest Rewards App, some of the booths, or most of them, will have freebies available too, but will require you to finish certain tasks to acquire the freebies. Our number one tip is to never be shy to ask. You’ll never know what’s in store for you if you won’t ask.

Never run away from home without a map and …… Money

Below is the official floor plan of ESGS 2018. Roam around, but never forget this, because sometimes, when we are enjoying ourselves too much, we tend to forget about our companions and end up getting separated from them. You’ll be able to regroup with them easily if you have a map. Locating them will be much faster, because you’ll know where to go.
A map is nothing if you don’t have moolas to spend at the event. Aside from freebies and fun experience at ESGS 2018, there will be a couple of booths that will have their products at a SPECIAL ESGS price, just like the ASUS RX Radeon graphics cards, which have insane price discount of up to 59%, that are on Sale at the ROG booth. So, better stash some moolas in your adventurer’s backpack, because, you’ll never know what steal deals would suddenly pop up at ESGS 2018. 

Games are not just for kids

There’ll be tons of games and competitions at ESGS 2018. Show them what you’re made of, and unleash the gamer in you. Gaming doesn’t have an age, so why would you shy away from something you love, right? Don’t forget to drop by the Capcom booth where you can play the demos of Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5.

Plan your route and check all the booths out because, ESGS only lasts for 3 days in a year. It’s a “now or next year” kind of thing, so best be on your way now.

All images are from the ESGS Facebook page.