Kingston Recapitulates Product Lines and Authorized Partners in The Philippines

March 25, 2019 0 By urbantechnoobs

Kingston recently held an event that showcased the strengths of each of its product lines and stated points on how to identify authorized Kingston retailers in the Philippines.

Starting off with the introduction of its product families, which are all systematically aimed to offer specific technologies and features to specific segments of the PC and IT industry. Kingston has a plethora of product offerings for smartphones, cameras, handheld gaming consoles, desktop PC, laptops, and even for enterprise servers.

For starters, the Canvas card family offers storage solutions with well-grounded overall performance for smartphones, cameras, and handheld gaming devices; in micro form-factor up to full-sized SD card form-factor.

Just like the Canvas card family, Kingston’s portable storage solutions offer mobility that is accompanied by a high read/write speeds. It also offers flexibility with its offerings for USB Type-A, Type-B, USB Type-C, and even for the Thunberbolt interface.

And for data reticent customers, Kingston has its security-centric offerings in the form of the Ironkey & DataTraveler thumb drives, and UV500 SSD. The trio boasts a hardware level encryption that uses 256-bit AES. Moreover, the Ironkey thumb drives are equipped with alphanumeric keypads that lock the drive by using a word or number combination for an added level of protection.

Kingston also introduced its enterprise offerings in the form its Server Premier ECC DRAM modules that have DIMM and SODIMM specifications, with memory capacity starting from 8GB up to 64GB per module. And for an enterprise that has read-centric workloads, Kingston has the DC500R that features hardware-based Pfail, which reduces the possibility of data corruption in an event of a power failure, and hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption.

With the growing trend of lighting up PC setups, Kingston showcased its offerings from its gaming brand HyperX – the Predator DDR4 RGB memory and Fury RGB SSD.

As the leading brand in the third-party memory market, Kingston aims to strengthen its presence in the country even more, with the help of its over 300 authorized stores with well-trained brand ambassadors who will guide end-users to the most suitable Kingston solution for them. They will also relay the latest seasonal promotions of Kingston to the end-users.

How to spot a Kingston authorized store?

Kingston authorized stores will have Kingston certificate and Kingston signboard on display. The store’s ambassadors will also be in Kingston official uniforms, and the store’s name will be found on the Kingston official website.