MSI Officialy Outs The P-Series Creator Laptops

March 31, 2019 0 By urbantechnoobs

MSI officially launched its P-series laptops in the Philippines last March 22, 2019, at PlayNation Up Town Center. Revealing the lineup with the P65 leading the pack along with its brethren the PS63 and PS42, the P-series is geared towards enhancing the work performance of yuppies, content creators, and editors.

The P65 is the fully equipped offering of the P-series, harnessing the capabilities of the latest generation Intel i7 Processor and Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q with 8GB GDDR6 memory. It also gives users vibrant and a more alive display and high-speed data access with its 4K UHD panel and 1TB NVMe SSD.

The PS63, a laptop in sandblasted dark grey color with bluish-diamond accents, will come in two variants; one configured with an Intel Core i5, while the other with an Intel Core i7. The i5 variant takes advantage of its iGPU, an Intel HD620, while the i7 variant will be partnered with the newest Nvidia GTX GeForce GPU available.

And just like the PS63, the PS42 will also have two variants, one with an Intel Core i5 with the same Intel HD620, while the Intel Core i7 variation will be taking advantage of an Nvidia GeForce MX150. The PS42 comes in a silver aluminum chassis that weighs 1.19kg only, and only 15.9mm in the thickness scale, which makes the PS42 one of the thinnest creator laptops.

Will update this post once availability and pricing are revealed.