Seagate Partners with Dahua in Promoting and Creating Safer Cities

March 16, 2019 0 By urbantechnoobs

With how the world is becoming now, crime rate galloping like a winning stallion, it’s best that the safety equipment in our community be compliant to the international “Safe City” standard.

Seagate and Dahua promote safer cities through the use of surveillance technology. A number of Dahua surveillance cameras feature Predictive Focus Algorithm and Automatic Number Plate Recognition, which are valuable in making roads and public areas safe, and should be adopted by our Road Safety Enforcement.

Capturing detailed steady video even while in the process of zooming, the Predictive Focus Algorithm will be able to aid in identifying accident source in a precise and swift fashion even at longer distances. On the other hand, the Automatic Number Plate Recognition, as its name implies, automatically recognizes the number plate of vehicles.

Aside from being a great road security implementation, the ANPR feature also makes Dahua surveillance cameras a perfect fit as a private or public parking solution with its Parking guidance and Entrance & Exit Control capabilities.

‘Predictive Focus Algorithm in action’

As the support to Dahua’s high-performance surveillance cameras, Seagate has the Skyhawk and Skyhawk AI that can withstand 24/7 operations and support up to 64 HD cameras. The Skyhawk comes optimized to perfectly work with systems that have a multitude of bays. It’s NVR ready and can right off the bat support 64 HD cameras, which makes it the best fit for small to medium enterprises. On the other hand, the Skyhawk AI complements Dahua’s advanced workloads that involve facial recognition, ANPR, PFA, and other advanced video analytics. Moreover, the Skyhawk AI can also support additional 16 AI cameras alongside the aforementioned support for up to 64 HD cameras.

The Skyhawk family’s storage capacity span from 1 TB up to 14 TB and boasts a workload capacity of 180 TB per year for the normal Skyhawk variant, while the Skyhawk AI can withstand up to 550 TB workload per year; which makes the Skyhawk family of drives the recommended storage drives for “Safe City” solutions. It offers flexibility without compromise to users and system integrators.

With a 5-year of partnership at the helm, Seagate and Dahua are set to transform cities, especially, cities of the Philippines, into ‘Safe City’ compliant places.