Sony Teases Impending Availability of Z9G LED 8K Series

March 5, 2019 0 By urbantechnoobs

As we were scrolling down our Facebook news feed, we suddenly stumbled upon a beauty. A beauty known as Sony Z9G LED 8K TV.

If you have followed CES News, then 8K TVs or 8K technology wouldn’t be new. But for starters, 8K technology is a signal and display technology, which is basically translates to 16 times the pixels of HD and 4 times the pixels of 4K. It has 33 million pixels, which delivers an eye popping 7680 x 4320 resolution.

As one of the leading consumer appliances manufacturers, Sony will have its own 8K TV line–the Z9G 8K TV series, which will have two variants, one is an 85-inch and the other, a 98-inch. Both of the variants feature Picture Processor X1 Ultimate with 8K High Dynamic Range, which makes the viewing experience rich with depth, texture and detail; enabling viewers to experience and see darker blacks and peak brilliance.

And since its fairly new, not all of the available media content has support for 8K. So, to be able to upscale contents to near 8K quality, Sony equips the Z9G 8K series with the 8K X-reality PRO that sharpens and refines pictures in real-time with the help of Sony’s exclusive 8K database.

And to make it more immersive, the Z9G series features four front-facing speakers that output sound precisely aligned with that of the scene on screen. This means that the sound will move from right speakers to left speakers or vice versa depending on what the scene shows.

The availability of Sony’s Z9G series TVs is still unknown. To get notified once these massive entertainment systems are available, just click on the ‘notify me’ button on this link.

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