TNC Predator Celebrates Second WESG Championship

March 26, 2019 0 By urbantechnoobs

Following their win at WESG 2016, the TNC Predator Dota 2 professional team has brought home the coveted championship trophy once more, and reeled in a $500,000 USD cash prize. With their recent victory at WESG 2018, the TNC Dota 2 professional team gains WESG back-to-back champions status, solidifying the Philippines’ place on the professional Dota 2 map.

Since its inception in 2015, the team keeps on achieving victories one after another which gained them and the country a high level of recognition from the world. The first time the team set foot on the international Dota 2 professional tournament, the International 2016, they proved that a Philippine hailed team can play at the international professional stage. They even went above and beyond with their unexpected sweep victory against the European favorite, OG. And just a year after, the team outmatched China’s VGJ. Thunder and earned the Dota 2 championship title of China Top 2017 Tournament.

The team’s sponsor and TNC’s constant partner since 2016, Predator, announced that alongside their continued support to TNC’s professional Dota 2 team, the brand will now extend its support to TNC’s professional LOL (League of Legends) team and professional CS:GO team. The brand, as they have done in the past, will provide exceptional tools and devices to all of the members of the TNC professional teams. This will enable the teams to step up their game and perform to the best of their abilities without being held back by the equipment they use.