Galax Shows Support to Apex Legends Community in Singapore, Spearheads Apex Legends Workshop

April 25, 2019 0 By urbantechnoobs

Galax, one of the leading graphics cards manufacturer in the world, together with Nvidia, have recently supported an Apex Legends community meetup and workshop in Singapore; laying down the basics on how to be a relentless Apex champion and sharing what Galax could offer to the community.

Nvidia started off with introducing its new-gen Turing GPUs, which not only bring increased gaming performance but also feature ground-breaking graphical innovations such as Realtime Ray Tracing and DLSS, to the Apex community.

Right after, Galax enlightened the community with how a capable graphics card can present an advantage and ultimately lead to winning the game. Galax showcased its robust graphics cards lineup that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also comes with a top-notch performance that’s meant to go beyond limits.

The Galax lineup

HOF Series

Graphics cards under the Hall of Fame series are built with components which are sought after by gamers, enthusiasts, and overclockers, as graphics cards in this series are highly overclockable and features herculean cooling solution that effectively stabilizes temperatures for that sweet increased performance without fail.

Serious Gaming (SG) Series

The Serious Gaming series, on the other hand,  has a more aggressive design compared to  the top-of-the-line HOF series, but it doesn’t trail behind when it comes to performance, as the Serious Gaming series boasts a special cooling system that features a massive heatsink with direct GPU contact copper heat pipes partnered with a trio of specialized fans. Serious Gaming, as it suggests, is meant for serious gamers who require nothing less than top-notch performance.

1-Click OC

1-Click OC variants, as the name would suggest, feature a one-click OC function that automatically tunes the speeds of the GPU and VRAM inline with the pre-installed OC profile. Just like the top-of-the-line HOF series, the 1-Click OC graphics cards are also equipped with a remarkable cooling system that effectively cools down and stabilizes the card’s temperature when it is in OC mode.

White Series (ITX)

Style and performance in a small form factor are what the White Series (ITX) is built for. The White Series (ITX) compact stature doesn’t compromise performance. Built with a duo of 100mm fans, the White Series (ITX) offer substantial cooling performance despite its small footprint. Performance-wise, the White series (ITX) doesn’t lack even a little bit in this department as graphics cards in this series feature the 1-Click OC function present in the upper tier series.

Local twitch stars – Afiz, Badabingbadaboing, and Wolfsbanee – joined the workshop to share bits of advice and battle out with the local Apex Legends community in a fair competition.

Three players stood tall at the end of the game, Jasper Yue, Erickin Guo, and Ryan Foo took home Galax items and bragging rights as the Apex Champions of the event.

Interested to join the fun?

As of this writing tho, information with regards to the next community meet is still unavailable, rest assured we’ll update this article or publish a new advisory when details to the next meet are made available to us. For more local Galax related news and events, just follow the Galax Singapore Facebook page.