VPRO VH200 Gaming Headset Review

May 2, 2019 0 By urbantechnoobs

VPRO is Rapoo’s gaming brand that carries gaming products such as gaming keyboards, gaming headsets, and gaming mice.

We know that there are a lot of brands that offer such products and some of them are always on top of the list of those who are looking to get or upgrade their gaming gears. However, what VPRO has to offer are gaming gears that are budget-friendly, yet not lacking in performance and quality.

We’ve got the VPRO VH200 on our bench for testing. It’s a gaming headset that offers great quality without the usual great price tag. But is it cut out to be considered as a true gaming headset? Let’s find out in this review.


The Rapoo VPRO VH200 is built with two 3.5mm plugs for the audio and microphone, and a USB plug to power the RGB LED lights of the headphone.

Being a wired headphone with three input plugs, the main platform for the VH200 would be the PC. However, it could still be used for the mobile phone and console, though the mic would be rendered unusable on both mobile and console platform.

If VPRO had added an audio and mic joiner, then we would’ve considered the VH200 as a bang-for-the-buck headphone. But if you’re looking to use it as a gaming headphone for the mobile or console platform, then an audio and mic joiner is what you’ll want to add in your cart.

Design & Comfort

The VH200 is cloaked with PU leather that gives out a premium look and feel to its overall design. It’s equipped with a self-adjusting headband that automatically adjusts to the user’s head size. The self-adjusting headband also eliminates the possibility of band looseness, which manifests over time in some headbands with manual adjustments.

Being truthful to its gaming branding, the VH200 comes with closed earcups design, a design common to gaming headphones, as it translates to a more immersive gaming experience. However, since the earcups are of PU leather and that of closed design, it doesn’t offer any breathing pits for the ears, thus sweating and discomfort in lengthy usage occurs.

As you may, or may not know, we are not big of a fan of poppy RGB lightings, but the VH200’s RGB lighting is just on the right level for our eyes, not too bright, nor too weak. The subtle brightness that we love. It has three lighting effects – static, cycle-through, and breathing. The lighting button and volume wheel would be found on the left side for on-the-fly volume and RGB effects adjustments. Additionally, the left side can is where the retractable mic would be found.

It’s a bit bulky, but light when worn, and doesn’t give strain to the user even in long gaming sessions. Its size, however, solidifies its place as an indoor headphone rather than something that could be brought around plugged into a mobile phone or a handheld gaming console.


When it comes to sound quality, the VH200 has just the right amount of everything, and then some. Tho, it’s meant for gaming, it still gives the right blend of sound components to enjoy music consumption.

Gaming with the VH200 gave us an immersive experience. With its closed earcups design, background noise was completely drowned out by the sound of the game, even at 50% volume dial point. Putting the volume wheel to maximum made the sound a bit over the top which made the game sound effects pretty unpleasant.

Using the VH200 on music consumption still gave us a pleasing experience. Though just like in gaming, turning its integrated volume control to the maximum along with the music streaming site’s, or music software’s volume at maximum rendered the experience a bit too strong for our taste.

However, doing so also has its own merits. For one, in gaming, background noise would totally be drowned, enabling the user to focus more on the game rather than the ramblings of the surrounding. Another in music consumption, bass and vocals are heightened along with other components making the experience more enthralling.

As you would hear in our recordings, the VH200’s microphone vocal registration and reproduction are clear and precise in a zero background noise environment. No crackles, breakage or other microphone mishaps. And on the second recording, the vocal quality was still clear, but the typing sound was a bit perceptible. The final recording that has a piece of background music showed how capable the VH200’s microphone is when it comes to noise isolation, rendering the background music, even at 100% volume, to be muffled while maintaining the user’s vocals to a solid and dominant level.


The VPRO VH200 is a superb daily driver. Its overall build quality is great with looks that can be compared to some of the premium brands out in the market. Though its earcups are a bit cramped for people who have large ear size which may cause discomfort in long hours of usage, the VPRO VH200 is still a deserving gaming headphone and worthy of a spot in you’re to-consider list. That’s if you’re looking to get a gaming headphone that won’t break the bank, but is well-built and offers above average sound quality, range, and microphone performance. That said, we give the VPRO VH200 our “Best Value” award.

Pricing and Availability

The VH200 is currently available at your favorite retailer. It carries a very affordable price tag of PHP 1,495 (USD $29).