AOC Hailed by IDC as Q1 Top Monitor Brand in the Philippines

August 21, 2019 0 By urbantechnoobs
Continuing a long record of excellence and customer satisfaction, AOC once again is the country’s top monitor brand. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the world’s premiere global marketing intelligence firm, AOC ranked #1 in the PC monitor market in terms of unit shipments in the Philippines for the first quarter of 2019. AOC’s performance in the market is a testament of its quality products and the way they improve the lives of its consumers.
AOC Monitors have been a mainstay in the country, and has been the #1 monitor multiple times in its storied history. AOC’s continuous innovation allows them to stay ahead of the competition, making them the preferred monitor brand for both consumers and businesses.
In recent months, AOC has reinvigorated its involvement in the local esports scene. Its AOC gaming line, AGON Monitors, made its mark in the esports industry with its Agon Dota 2 Invitationals early on this year. With more planned esports events in the coming months, AOC plans to improve its relationship with the esports market, introducing its monitors to both professional gamers and casual fans nationwide. With AOC’s Battle of Visionaries PUBG Tournament this July, AOC hopes to reach more gamers and introduce them to the brand.
AOC also continues to expand its ever-growing portfolio of products. Soon, AOC will be releasing its line of commercial displays to the market. The commercial display, dubbed AOC Public Displays, will help marketeers to connect better to its consumers. In our time of very distracted users, it takes a lot of effort to catch and hold the attention of customers. AOC’s commercial display picturesque display quality will not only capture eyes, but enamor the hearts of consumers.
Although currently sitting at #1, AOC isn’t going to rest on its laurels. To continue dominating the market, AOC continues to find ways to make the consumer’s viewing experience better. Improving the entertainment lifestyle of its customers is AOC’s number one goal, and it will  not stop delivering its promise of visually stunning displays.