Myphone myX12 Review

October 20, 2019 1 By urbantechnoobs

Myphone was at the top of their game a couple of years in the past but met a halt right after the release of their first offering for the high-end market, the MyPhone Infinity series.

Even though faced with a lot of uprising and staple international brands dominating the smartphone market at that time, Myphone focused on what they do best – provide budget-friendly smartphones for the local market. Their smartphones that doubles as a mobile TV kept them holding on the ropes. But, with the new generation leaning towards social media interactions, video content consumption, and the fast-rising eSports scene, Myphone focused its attention on providing this generation of consumers with a smartphone that is affordable yet capable in terms of overall performance. Enter the Myphone myX12, the brand’s stab to the new generation entry-level market.

But the real question here for us and assumingly for you is, how it performs in the latest games and applications available to the Android platform. In this review, we’ll dive deep into this new smartphone from Myphone, the Myphone myX12.


  • Processor  – 1.6GHz Octa-core processor
  • Memory – 4GB RAM
  • Internal Storage – 64GB storage (Expandable up to 126GB)
  • Cameras: 13MP dual rear cameras, 5MP front-facing cameras
  • 6.26-inch HD+ IPS display
  • Dual SIM
  • 4G LTE
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • IR blaster
  • Rear-mounted fingerprint scanner
  • Android 9 Pie
  • 3,500mAh battery


Myphone opted for a two-toned, gradient color implementation for the myX12. The company also chose to release the myX12 with just one color variation.

At first or even second glance, one will think that the myX12 is of a unibody design, which is considered a standard nowadays, but on a closer look, one will find that the myX12 still sports a  detachable back cover that hides its expansion slot, SIM slots, and its battery; which can easily be accessed by prying it open, starting from the small opening near the volume button.

Moreover, just like other Myphone devices, the myX12’s sports the iconic Philippine map on the back cover. It’s splashed with a gradient blue color which is really refreshing to the eyes, however, due to its plastic makeup coupled with a glossy finish, it easily accumulates fingerprints and smudges. To make the back cover’s gradient colors pop even more, another tone of its base color is used as the outline of the device.

Myphone myX12

Moving on, the volume buttons and power button are in its usual place, and even if both are on the same side of the device, the two buttons can easily be differentiated from one another, since Myphone fitted a textured power button on the myX12. Its charging port and audio jack are placed up top along with the IR sensor. This is done to give more space for the dual speakers at the bottom.

The rear-mounted fingerprint scanner is a bit of a hit and miss, as it sometimes failed to recognize my fingerprint on the first scans. This happens due to the glossy-esque facade of the scanner, which easily accumulates smudges and fingerprints that eventually hinder the scan. 

Aesthetically, the myX12 can really capture some eyes, but the materials used for the back cover, frame outline, and even on the fingerprint scanner get bombarded with fingerprints and smudges easily. Good thing there’s an included clear jelly case in the package that will help keep the myX12 look neat and presentable at all times.


Equipped with 1.6GHz Octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and IMG PowerVR GE8322 on a Unisoc SC9863 chipset, the new Myphone myX12 offers a bit more firepower than some of the other smartphones in its price segment.

Its configuration enables the myX12 to run Mobile Legends even at high settings. It is recommended, however,  that the game settings should be at low or medium for a better gaming experience. But with our time with the myX12, we can safely say that it can really run Mobile Legends at high settings.

It’s a different story on the newest game from Garena, the Call of Duty Mobile. On this new FPS game, the graphical settings automatically dials down to low. No stutter or anything during our time playing COD Mobile on the myX12. However, during our 2-hour run on COD Mobile, the heat caused by the load placed upon the processor and GPU became noticeable, especially in the area surrounding the fingerprint scanner.

Heat dissipation is something that Myphone should consider to invest in on its next iteration of this device. But for its price tag, the Myphone myX12 does a really decent job for an entry-level gaming smartphone.

Below are some synthetic benchmark results of the Myphone myX12:


The Myphone myX12 is equipped with a 3500 mAH battery, which is somewhat the starting point for entry-level smartphones, nowadays.

With its battery at full, the Myphone myX12 will be able to accompany you while you’re at your 9-to-5 even with a bit of gaming thrown in during lunch and breaks. However, it’s a different story when it comes to gaming, the myX12 can last up to 6 hours of gaming depending on the game and its settings. On our endurance test, which is a non-stop Mobile Legends session running on WiFi, the 3500 mAh battery of the myX12  was able to last 5 hours. But once again, we’ll point out the heat buildup on the top part of the device.

Battery depletion is easy but charging it to its fullest using the included charger is time-consuming. Since it doesn’t feature any remarkable charging technology, the myX12 partnered with the included battery charger can fill the myX12’s 3500mAH battery to its peak in 3 hours to 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Since the myX12 is equipped with a removable battery, it would really be a great feature if it can be replaced with a battery of the same kind but with a much larger capacity.


Myphone equipped the myX12 with a 13MP dual rear camera and a 5MP front-facing camera. Both are enough for daily capturing needs and video calls.
However, being enough is not what others want. Even though the dual rear camera captures good images, it falls short of auto-focus speed. Stills and portraits are acceptable with colors a bit washed in normal mode. It features HDR mode that enables the camera to focus more on details, however, you’ll need a steady hand and a still subject, otherwise, the end result will be blurry. Moreover, the myX12 features a couple of camera modes that include Panorama, Manual, Auto, Night-shot, AR, Filters, Burst, and QR. The rear camera also gives users the freedom to play with the aperture from f0.95 to f16, allowing control of how much bokeh an image should get.
The rear camera video mode offers recordings of 1080p, 720p, and 480p videos. It features Night mode, Time-lapse, AR, and Slow-motion mode. Just like what you’d get on stills, the colors and sharpness of the subject are pretty off but tolerable. Again, it’s still a good day-today camera for video recording. And just like with capturing stills, the video recording is not well suited for fast-moving subjects and settings. 
On the other hand, the front-facing camera fitted with a 5MP sensor is what you’d expect from a smartphone at this price point. Colors, again, are washed, while details and sharpness are overwhelmed with exposure.  It does have night mode, filters, and HDR to compensate for the lack of vibrancy and sharpness. Just like the rear shooters, the front-facing camera is a good day-to-day arsenal for video calls and selfies.

Sample shots:

Myphone myX12 Bokeh

Myphone myX12 Auto mode

Myphone myX12 HDR
Myphone myX12 front camera shot

What we think

The Myphone myX12 is built and recommended for those who want a smartphone that looks good but doesn’t lack on overall performance.
It offers an enjoyable gaming experience on popular titles like Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, AOV, and even on the recently released Call of Duty Mobile. Additionally, the battery provides a reasonable device uptime. So much so, that you’ll be able to go home from a 9-to-5 with ample battery juice to put a couple of hours to some games. The cameras are not its strongest suit, but they’re more than enough for a device of this price.
The Myphone myX12 retails for PHP 5,499 and is available at all Myphone kiosks and partner stores nationwide. Additionally, MyPhone users also get free 1-year coverage of P25,000 Personal Accident Insurance in partnership with Sun Life Philippines and GCash.
It’s a budget smartphone perfectly fit for the majority of the working class of the country. Because of this, we give the Myphone myX12 our Best Value award.