RELX Pod Kit Review

November 4, 2019 0 By urbantechnoobs
RELX Review
RELX (pronounced as Relax) provides vaping devices that use their own flavored pods. 
Devices like RELX introduce themselves as an alternative to cigarettes. With each pod containing nicotine comparable to a normal cigarette, it’s not easy to pass on the chance these kinds of devices give, which is to escape the chains of cigarette consumption, especially when cigarette prices have become brow-raising high. 
There are numerous closed systems, like RELX, available in the market to date. However, having too many choices, sometimes, make the choosing part a bit confusing. In this review, we’ll try to put into detail the things that make RELX the new vaping device for you.
RELX Pod System Review
RELX packs its devices pretty neatly in a white box that shows the image of the device itself, showing consumers the color of the RELX device inside. Along with the RELX device, the package contains the usuals, like the user manual, juice POD (Mint), and a lengthy USB cable for charging. One thing to note tho, there’s no warranty card included in the package. However, if you follow this link you’ll see that RELX devices purchased from its website are entitled to a Limited Warranty that’ll last for a year, starting from the exact date of purchase.


RELX Pod System Review

RELX, as we’ve mentioned earlier, is a closed system and is of a pen form-factor, just like other pod systems in this category. However, there’s one thing that would definitely make RELX stand out from its competition, it is the availability of the RELX in vibrant, poppy colors. So, whatever your color preference may be, RELX has got you covered.

Review RELX Vape

And as other closed systems that are of the pen form-factor, RELX device needs two pieces to work: the mod (body) and the pod that contains the juice and its atomizer. As mentioned, RELX comes in different color variations, tho each color gives out different vibes, all RELX devices are made sleek and smooth to the touch. Moreover, RELX devices have humped bodies that make it easy to hold on to whenever in use, scoring big on user comfort.

We’ve recently played around with JUUL’s closed system, and the difference in design is night and day. The other bags on portability but lacks in performance, while RELX boasts in performance and design


RELX POD System Review

Equipped with a rather measly 350 mAh battery, some would think that it wouldn’t last for a day, but just like me, you’d be surprised that with just an hour of charging, the RELX device can go for two or three on controlled usage.

As we’ve mentioned, we’ve played around with JUUL’s pod system before, and it’s still in our stash. Just like in the design department, RELX leaves JUUL behind in the performance category as well. Another thing to note about RELX tho, is its single color LED indicator which makes the battery level a guessing game at first.

Amazing enough, its vapor output is somehow comparable to a low powered vape mod. So, if you’re coming from one and you’ve been accustomed to its clouds, then switching to RELX, or just trying it out, will just feel like lowering the wattage to the lowest possible option. Clouds are doable with RELX, however, due to the high nicotine content of its pods, doing so will hurt a bit.

RELX Pod System Review

Pen types usually don’t have any buttons, instead, they use a sensor to automatically fire up the vaporizer inside the POD whenever it senses inhalation. During our time with the RELX pod system, we didn’t experience any delays in firing or misfires

What we think:

Tho, it’s a new name for some, RELX has what it takes to be a staple brand in the industry.

RELX devices are trendy, and great alternatives for smoking, and even a substitute for vape. It offers high nic pods with 3% and 5% variations, and are available in different flavors, which is great since RELX devices don’t support third-party offerings. Each pod contains 2ml of flavored juice and can last about a week if you’re like me who only smokes 4 times a day on 3 – 4 puffs per use.

To sum it all up, if you’re someone who’s looking to get out of the cigarette chains, or someone who wants to just try out what pod systems feel, then you should definitely go for RELX, it’s what portable Pod systems should feel and be.

The only thing we could ask for now from RELX is, to have a Pod that can be used with third-party salt nics or just vape juices. Because, RELX is just about stellar in performance, design and even portability.

Below are the available flavors of RELX Pods:

Pricing and Availability:

RELX devices are priced at PHP 1,599 and are available online at Shopee and Lazada. You can also get RELX devices and pods from Game Over PH, located at #31 Xavierville, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. You may check out for other store locations.

To know more official information about RELX, you can follow their Facebook page – RELX Philippines, and Instagram –

With this, we give RELX our Editors Choice Award.