Sharp Adds New Technologies and Products To Its Existing Solutions

November 29, 2019 0 By Reyjon Oregas

Sharp Philippines Corporation (SPC) recently unveiled its product lines that aim to make Filipino lives better. SPC has divided its product lines into four segments to help consumers in choosing the right product for their needs.

The four segments are Entertainment Solution, Clean  & Comfort Solution, Health & Beauty Solution, and Business Solution. Sharp focuses to bring and integrate new technologies such as 8K and AIoT into their existing solutions. Their first segment to include a new technology was the Entertainment Solution that introduced the 8K Aquos LED TV at ESGS 2019. To even strengthen this lineup and the Clean & Comfort solution, SPC includes new 4K HDR TVs with Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and Airconditioning Units with AIoT J-Tech Inverter Technology into their respective solution segments.

Sharp’s Healsio Hotcook, which creates healthy meals by retaining the natural moisture and flavor of ingredients, and Hair Iron and Curling Iron that has Plasmcluster feature, which helps in reducing dirt and prevents hair damage, are at the helm of the Health & Beauty solution.

The biggest reveal for us was the introduction of Sharp’s new products for its Business Solution. Sharp revealed that they have recently acquired Toshiba’s Dynabook line and that the Dynabook product line will now be under the said solution segment of SPC. Sharp sees to combine its market-proven technologies with that of Toshiba to create and produce market-leading computers and devices. The Dynabook line was known for its thin design, long-lasting battery, and military-grade durability.

 With their commitment to providing quality and innovation to everyone, Sharp vows to create products that bring a better life to consumers.