Aftershock PC Releases Hexar Ultralight Gaming Mouse

March 21, 2020 0 By urbantechnoobs

Aftershock PC, a well-known Custom PC manufacturer in Singapore, has recently updated its gaming peripheral lineup with its own ultra light gaming mouse, Hexar.

Weighing at only 69 grams, Aftershock PC’s lightweight gaming mouse features a Pixart 3389 sensor that focuses on fluid swipes and pin-point precision with its 16,000 DPI sensor and 400 IPS tracking speed, which are beneficial to FPS gamers and content creators who work on pixel-by-pixel calibrations.
Users don’t need to worry about cable tangles, which eventually hinders mouse movements, as the Hexar gaming mouse uses Aftershock’s own Air-Weave Cable. The cable of the Hexar gaming mouse is not only light but it’s also durable and flexible that it almost feels like there is nothing there, showcasing mobility that is almost comparable to a wireless mouse.
Its 128.5mm x 67mm x 38mm build leans towards more to palm grip users. Similar to other ultralight gaming mouse from other brands, the body of the Hexar gaming mouse has perforations all over its top and bottom parts, which helped in lessening its overall weight.
And for those who love bling and color in their gaming setups, Aftershock PC Hexar Gaming Mouse features RGB functionalities, as it is not only made made with performance in mind but also aesthetics. It features an RGB bar that extends from the sides to the back and an RGB enabled brand logo that menacingly stares at users through the perforations up top.
Aftershock Hexar Gaming Mouse retails for $50 SGD and can now be purchased through Aftershock PC’s physical store and through its website. If you’re still undecided about this, then let us take you to a deep dive to know more about this mouse in our review.