Lenovo G24-20 Gaming Monitor Review

Lenovo G24-20 Gaming Monitor Review

November 30, 2021 0 By Reyjon Oregas

Lenovo G24-20 is the brand’s latest 24″ gaming monitor that mixes familiar features with new ones. It comes in hot with an IPS panel that has 165Hz and up to 0.5ms response time, which are good for competitive gaming.

Aside from having features fit for competitive gaming, the Lenovo G24-20 also comes with AMD FreeSync Premium. A tier higher than the standard FreeSync, the FreeSync Premium comes with some new features, LFC being the most notable. LFC technology ensures smooth gameplay even if the game yields frames lower than the display’s refresh rate. To achieve this, it displays frames multiple times to maintain the supported refresh rate of the display, providing smooth gameplay even at lower frame rates.

While there may be a handful of 24″ monitors in its price tier, the Lenovo G24-20 stands a step above the rest, as it packs more gamer-centric features than its competition. Read on to know more about the Lenovo G24-20 gaming monitor.

Lenovo G24-20 Specifications

Display23.8″, IPS, W-LED, 1920×1080
Viewing Angles H/V178°/178°
Brightness350 cd/m²
Static Contrast1000 : 1
Dynamic Contrast3000000 : 1
Refresh Rate50 Hz – 165 Hz
Size w/stand (D x H x W) (mm/inch)
(Lowest position)
234.8 x 364.2 x 539.8 mm
9.24 x 14.34 x 21.25 inches
(Highest position)
234.8 x 494.2 x 539.8 mm
9.24 x 19.46 x 21.25 inches
Weight3.3 kg

What’s inside the box

Lenovo G24-20 Review What's Inside the box

All the essentials you’ll need to make the G24-20 work are inside the box. They are all properly tucked in different spaces on the large styrofoam case that houses the panel itself.

Upon opening the box, you’ll be greeted by the monitor base, power cable, a bag of thumb screws, documentations, DP cable, and a c-clamp looking accessory for cable management.

Moving the first piece of the styrofoam case aside, one will find the panel and monitor neck. Just like in the first styrofoam piece, the panel and monitor neck have their own safe spaces.

Design, Build Quality, and Assembly

Before we get into the build and design of the G24-20, let’s first talk about how easy its assembling process is. While the neck-to-panel mounting might be different from the usual clip-on mechanism, the installation is still a walk in the park.

Lenovo G24-20 Review

The monitor base has a built-in screw that easily goes in the screw hole under the monitor neck. Once that’s done, it’s time to install the panel onto the neck. To do that, place the panel face down on the styrofoam and align the backplate screw holes to the panel. Putting in the thumbscrews is easy and won’t need any tools to secure them in place.

Lenovo G24-20 Review

Now that assembly is out of the way, let’s talk about build quality and design. The Lenovo G24-20 has that familiar Lenovo gaming monitor look. Its 23.8″ panel has that matte feel and look. While its frame and bezels are slim, it still has a bit of a chin, but it does not affect the overall look of the monitor. You’ll find subtle Lenovo brandings on the chin and the back of the monitor. Lenovo’s choice of color for the text is great, as it blends well with the monitor’s. Additionally, the G24-20 looks more gamer-centric than other Lenovo gaming monitors, thanks to blue accents on its base.

Lenovo G24-20 Review_Tilt

For its price, the build quality of the Lenovo G24-20 is superb. Though it leans more to the plastic materials spectrum, the G24-20 does not feel and look that way. As its base and neck have metal innards that give weight to it, making it feel less plasticky and more premium. It excels from the competition in ergonomics, allowing tilt and height adjustments, providing more viewing options to users. Its base, however, has a fixed position and doesn’t have swivel functionality.

OSD Buttons and Navigation

Lenovo G24-20 OSD buttons

The OSD navigation could have been better with a knobstick than five buttons. It needs a little time to master the button functions, but it’s not that big of a deal. At its price point, the Lenovo G24-20 looks better and provides more features than its competition.

You’ll find all the common settings on the G24-20 OSD like brightness, saturation, and contrast. The OSD will also let you adjust color profiles, dark boost, refresh rate; and you can also enable DCR, HDR, FreeSync, sRGB, and Low Blue Light.

Panel Check and Viewing Angles

Lenovo G24-20 Review IPS Glow

Given that the Lenovo G24-20 has an IPS panel, the monitor’s viewing angle is exceptional. However, it also comes with a drawback in the form of an IPS glow, as seen in the image above. This phenomenon is infamous to monitors with IPS panels but can easily be fixed by adjusting the brightness of the screen, or your room’s lighting. You can also fix this by just adjusting the height, tilt, or position of the monitor.

And though 1440P and 4K resolutions slowly crawl their way to the majority of gamers and professionals, 1080P still has the crown for the most used resolution for gaming. There may be larger screen sizes that have 1080P resolution, but it is still best on a 24″ screen, as pixels seem to be tighter on this combination, thus sharper visuals. That perfect combination is present on the Lenovo G24-20.

Is the Lenovo G24-20 Gaming Monitor good for content creation?

According to our test results, its maximum brightness level is a bit lower than the listed value on the spec sheet. Fortunately, that doesn’t have any adverse effect when it comes to color accuracy. In fact, the Lenovo G24-20 produces excellent blacks as its gamma is close to Gamma 2.2. Moreover, it covers 100% sRGB color space and 77% Adobe RGB, making it a fine monitor for professional tasks such as video and photo editing.

While it’s good for a bit of professional work, the Lenovo G24-20 is still marketed as a gaming monitor. As such, it has a handful of features geared towards the improvement of a user’s gaming experience. For one, it features AMD FreeSync Premium that comes with LFC, which lets users experience a tear-free and fluid gameplay even if the game yields lower fps than the monitor’s supported refresh rate.

The Lenovo G24-20 also allows users to bump the refresh rate from 144Hz to 165Hz, providing a more fluid and on-point gaming experience. And if you want faster response time for better precision, then you’d be glad that the G24-20 supports 0.5ms response time through its MPRT option.

What we think

Lenovo G24-20 Review_Verdict

Overall, the Lenovo G24-20 proved that having better features doesn’t always translate to a heftier price tag. So if you’re looking for an upgrade from a standard refresh rate, and great value for money is what you’re looking for, then you definitely should look at the Lenovo G24-20. With its stance adjustments, a higher refresh rate, AMD FreeSync Premium, and a balanced color spectrum, the Lenovo G24-20 offers better features than any of its competition in its price segment.

Though some aspects could’ve been done differently. The cable management could’ve been better with a tighter clasp and the OSD navigation would’ve been easier with a knobstick. These, however, are just preferential issues that can be solved easily. You can use velcro straps to clasp the cables for cleaner cable management. While the OSD buttons will slowly grow on you as you keep using them.

Lenovo G24-20 Availability

The Lenovo G24-20 has a price tag of PHP 11,899 and is available at PC Central and other Lenovo partner stores. But if you don’t want to go physically to the stores, you can just order online via Shopee and Lazada.