Ragnarok: Battle Academy Pre-CBT Now Open

Ragnarok: Battle Academy Pre-CBT Now Open

December 8, 2021 0 By Reyjon Oregas

Scholars and student aspirants are having a blast in the Pre-CBT version of Ragnarok: Battle Academy since December 2. It also took a short time for them to get a grasp of the unique combination of choosing your class and skill set in order to be the last party or one—for the lone wolves—standing.

Ragnarok: Battle Academy

In a party of 4, the class of choice and the two possible skill sets of each class are vital for each player’s role in the team. Although teamwork weighs in a party’s victory, there is no rule that forbids players to go solo if that was their preferred way of winning. Another factor to consider is the starting point. Throughout the map, various familiar mobs of monsters, mini-bosses, and MVP bosses are scattered to add a twist of challenge in this game of survival. It’ll be up to the parties or soloists to turn the tides with their encounter since loots of items could determine a player’s fate.

Ragnarok: Battle Academy Pre-CBT

With the Pre-CBT ongoing, ending on December 8, various events were already launched for the participants to enjoy. One of them is building the best party and showing the best pose which will give the winners Gcash prizes. Even just providing feedback about the game could also bring them cash prizes! Recording video clips of in-game experience is also encouraged as the best moments captured will also bag home cash prizes. Aside from the real-life cash to be claimed, some events also provide in-game stuff. Simply logging in for the whole Pre-CBT period will reward costumes that Pre-CBT participants can flaunt.


Players of the old classic game and even the new ones who fancy such a unique combination of game genres are invited to try Ragnarok: Battle Academy, or ROBA for short, to experience the game in its early version. The Philippines was the first to step a foot inside the Battle Academy while the other regions wait for their turn. Interested players in the Philippines will be able to access the game’s server until December 8 as long as their devices meet the specs requirements below:

  • Specs Requirements
  • Device OS: Android (only for Pre-CBT)
  • Minimum Device Specifications:
    • OS: Android 9.0 or above
    • Processor: CPU KIRIN 970
    • RAM: 4GB or equivalent
  • Recommended Device Specifications:
    • OS: Android 9.0 and above
    • Processor: CPU Kirin 980 Octa core
    • RAM: 8GB or equivalent
  • Recommended Internet Speed: 10 Mbps
  • This version does not support PC emulators yet (Nox, Blue stacks, LD Player etc.) 

Pre-CBT Client can be downloaded via this link: https://exe.in.th/ROBA_Pre_CBT