ASRock Unity Makes Strength Event Launched

ASRock Unity Makes Strength Event Launched

March 22, 2022 0 By urbantechnoobs

ASRock ‘Unity Makes Strength’ event allows everyone to join the design process of the new Z690 PG Riptide NFT. The Z690 PG Riptide NFT will be the first decentralized motherboard in the market. The digitized motherboard will have 4309 pixels that participants can design and color. The final design of the Z690 PG Riptide NFT motherboard evolves every time a participant submits his/her design. This will the first motherboard to be designed by fans, consumers, and enthusiasts, making it a one of a kind type.

ASRock Unity Makes Strength

“It’s incredible to let so many people co-design a motherboard! We’re really excited that our motherboard could be designed in such a special way.” Says Chris Lee, Vice President of ASRock Motherboard & Gaming Monitor Business Unit. “Technological progress is the accumulation of problem solving from everyone’s effort, and this is what we aim to embody through the Unity Makes Strength event.”

The ‘Unity Makes Strength‘ event begins of March 7, 2022, and will see its last participant on March 26, 2022. Once finished designing, you will need to log in to to enter the sweepstake. And as this is an NFT, participants would need to have their ethereum wallet address ready. So if you don’t have an ethereum wallet, then you’d better make one before even thinking of joining. The ethereum wallet address will be needed once you enter the sweepstake. The draw of winners will be on March 31, 2022.

To know more about this event, head on over to ASRock’s official website for NFT or to the official event page.