Motorola Edge 30 Pro: Your Next Generation Smartphone

Motorola Edge 30 Pro: Your Next Generation Smartphone

May 10, 2022 0 By Reyjon Oregas

Motorola Edge 30 Pro has more than the essentials that you would look for when scouting for a new smartphone. Its stellar performance is coupled with high-quality camera, wide-screen display with high refresh rate, and a long lasting battery. You get the most out of your hard earned money with the new Motorola Edge 30 Pro. If you aren’t convinced yet, let’s break it down below.

A performance that won’t let you down

Motorola Edge 30 Pro Specs

As the tech industry continues to unveil exciting new games and productivity applications, the required specifications on a device can tend to get higher. However, there’s no need to worry as the motorola edge 30 pro  is powered by the ultra powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Qualcomm’s latest, fastest and most advanced processor. Users are guaranteed a powerful all-around high-quality phone experience anytime and anywhere. 

The motorola edge 30 pro is also equipped with a UFS 3.1, the latest in storage technology that works faster and more efficiently, allowing the phone to hold up to 256GB built-in storage –all while keeping the device running smoothly with 12GB of LPDDR5 memory. Perfect for more photos, applications and games. 

Thanks to the motorola edge 30 pro’s advanced hardware and powerful software, high-resolution viewing is also just the beginning. The phone’s main camera features 50MP with Omni-directional PDAF and a 60MP front camera with Quad Pixel technology that allows users to capture any kind of photo with sharp details day or night.

The camera also features its big screen quality, allowing users to record cinematic videos with 8K resolution right on the phone. With its HDR available in the viewfinder, users are able to preview intricate details to snap the perfect shot. Camera modes available include Ultra Wide, Macro Vision, Dual Capture, Spot Color, Super Slow Slow-mo and Audio Zoom.

Insane Speed, Ultra Smooth and High Quality Entertainment

Motorola Edge 30 Pro Rogue

In this day and age, lags are unacceptable. With the motorola edge 30 pro, users can connect to 5G networks and get blazing-fast speeds whether loading social media applications or streaming favorite TV shows. 

Speaking of favorite TV shows, the motorola edge 30 pro  features an ultra-smooth 6.7” Max Vision OLED display with FHD+ 2400 x 1080 resolution and 144Hz refresh rate that automatically adjusts based on the type of content on the screen. With a HDR10+ certification, the phone offers vivid and true-to-life colors with improved brightness and contrast. Users can also customize their screen settings using its Night light mode and High brightness mode, and can expect a reduced visible screen flicker with the new DC dimming technology.

Motorola also prides itself on the quality of entertainment it brings to its users and how it transforms the way people play. Not only are users guaranteed powerful software with the new motorola edge 30 pro but also an improved immersive entertainment experience as well. With two large stereo speakers, enjoy a new dimension of audio with three-dimensional sound by Dolby Atmos. Users can pinpoint cleaner vocals and clearer notes at higher volumes, perfect for solo concerts in the bedroom or jamming out with friends

Be Ready For Greatness

motorola edge 30 pro price

Apart from top-notch entertainment, Motorola equips its users with  innovative software experiences. With an easy connection mechanism, users are able to project their phone to a bigger screen without any trouble.  Move your phone’s games to the big screen with a simple Bluetooth connection to a controller. Feel like you’re right in the room during video calls with family, friends, and colleagues. And livestream your day-to-day life, host a panel discussion, and even add speaker notes from google docs as a reminder during presentations.

Working from anywhere is also possible with Ready For. Use your apps on a desktop display and connect to your keyboards and mouse extensions with Bluetooth. The new assistant allows access to both your phone and the PC on one screen to transferring files between connected devices, taking multitasking to the next level.

A device that has YOU in mind

Edge Pro 30 cameras

The motorola edge 30 pro comes with a powerful 4800mAh battery that allows users to do everything without having to worry about battery life. The device also charges with the new 68W TurboPower that powers up the phone to 50% in just 15 minutes.

The motorola edge 30 pro is engineered with Android 12 and among its features is the ability for users to customize and personalize the device to their own tastes, from the fonts, sizes, colors, icon shapes and layout, to display size and many more. On top of the redesigned Motorola+ Material You, it allows users to control Android 12’s visual elements and move it according to the user’s preference.

For aspiring gamers, aside from being able to enjoy desktop-quality gaming thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming, the Android 12 lets users jump right into gameplay without waiting for the full download to finish; the Moto Gametime also provides different controls that block notifications, allow screen recording, and give full control of audio.

Designed to be sleek and sophisticated, the motorola edge 30 pro features a premium 3D matte satin glass finish that shimmers with hints of color. Other than the aesthetically pleasing looks, the phone is equipped with different functions that make for a more intuitive user experience. Unlock the motorola edge 30 pro quickly by touching the fingerprint reader and access your favorite apps with a simple double tap with the all new Power Touch.

Battery must be substantially depleted; charging rate slows as charging progresses. All battery life claims are approximate and based on the median user tested across a mixed use profile (which includes both usage and standby time) under optimal network conditions. Actual battery performance will vary and depends on many factors including signal strength, network and device settings, temperature, battery condition, and usage patterns.