Huge Discounts Ahead with Beko’s Rainy Day Combo Sale

Huge Discounts Ahead with Beko’s Rainy Day Combo Sale

August 19, 2023 0 By Dave Perry

One of the challenges during the rainy season is washing clothes and drying them. Monsoon rains and typhoons are associated with damp clothes and their not-so-pleasant odor because in the absence of sunlight, it becomes hard to dry the laundry.

True to its mission of helping people live healthy lives, leading global appliance brand Beko is offering up to 45% on their products and giving customers the chance to get exclusive free items on selected participating products in the Rainy Combo Sale.

It’s always a challenge to do laundry during the rainy season. It’s a great thing that Beko’s top load washing machines can save us from dread.

Make Laundry A Breeze With Beko Top Load Washing Machines

Enjoy the rainy season and get big discounts on the WTLI070WPP, a 7.0 kg fully automatic top load washing machine at Php 11,091 from Php 12,990 while you can also have the bigger capacity of 8.0 kg fully automatic, WTLI080SP top load washing machine for only Php 12,441 from its original price of Php 14,490.

After every laundry, you may opt to enjoy a fruit smoothie since every purchase of it comes with a free Beko table blender worth Php 3,490. The WTLJD10C1DP, a 10.0 kg fully automatic top load washing machine, is discounted at Php18,991 (cash price) from Php 21,990 while the WTLD120D, a 12.0 kg fully automatic top load washing machine, is at Php 22,491 (cash price) from Php 25,990.

Enjoy the wonders of Beko’s 3D Fine Wash and Foam Clean Technology and 10 Wash Programs with the WTLD160D, a 16.0 kg fully top load washing machine. It has a cash price of Php 28,991 from Php 34,990.

Any purchase of the WTLJD10C1DP, WTLD120D, and the WTLD160D comes with a free Beko table blender worth Php 3,490.

Say Goodbye To Your Rainy Day Laundry Woes With Beko Front Load Washers!

Be at ease when you do your laundry when you opt for the WCV7612X0, a 7.0 kg front load washing machine. This has ProSmart Inverter Motor which offers energy efficiency, lower sound levels and higher durability and StainExpert Program which is designed specially to get rid of various kinds of stains. This is now at Php 23,191 (cash price) from Php 27,990 and comes with a free Beko garment steamer worth Php 1,990.

Of course, who wouldn’t want to add yummy rice to your hearty meal after a heavy laundry time? Maybe it’s time for you to check out Beko’s front load washers and its freebies!

The WCV9746, a 9.0 kg front load washing machine, has 15 Wash Programs, including GentleCare Program which keeps your cotton clothes look new and not worn out and Outdoor Program which keeps your outdoor or water-proof clothes protected. This is priced at Php 35,991 (cash price) from Php 42,990, also comes with a free Beko rice cooker worth Php 5,490.

Save up your time, energy, and money in doing laundry with the WCV10746M, a 10.0 kg front loading freestanding washing machine! This has a Xpress Super Short 14 Min Program which allows you to wash up to 2 kg of laundry in just 14 minutes. The WCV10746M is at Php 39,991 (cash price) from Php 49,990 with a free Beko rice cooker worth Php 5,490.

Both WCV10746M and WCV9746 have SteamCure Hygiene+ technology which applies steam to the stain before the wash, softening up dirt and making it easier to remove. It also helps to reduce wrinkles, giving you less to do before and after the laundry.

When In An Urgent Need Of Something To Wear, Beko Freestanding Washer Dryers Can Save You!

Got an urgent meeting you need to attend? Ran out of clean clothes to wear? Well, you won’t spend too much energy on looking for something to wear because Beko’s freestanding washer dryers can save your day.

The WDB7425R2W, a 7.0 kg washer and 4.0 kg dryer (freestanding washer dryer) is totally a life saver since it has a Wash & Wear Program that allows you to have a full outfit ready to wear in an hour. This lets you wash and dry 1 kg of laundry in a short period of time. The WDB7425R2W (cash price) is at Php 33,991 from Php 39,990.

You can even get yourself a hearty meal after your laundry because every purchase of this comes with a free Beko air fryer worth Php 3,690.

Laundry, cooking, preparing juices. Of course, Beko has it all for you! Get to clean your house after washing and drying your laundry as the HTV9743X, a 9.0 kg washer and 5.0 kg dryer (freestanding washer dryer) is now at Php 42,491 (cash price) from Php 49,990 with a free Beko cordless vacuum worth Php 14,990.

The Beko Rainy Combo Promo runs from July 1 to September 30, 2023.

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