ASRock B760M PG SONIC WiFi Motherboard Review

ASRock B760M PG SONIC WiFi Motherboard Review

September 29, 2023 0 By Dave Perry

Okay, so, this is probably the least expected product to tie in with Sonic, but apparently, ASRock has a motherboard featuring our favorite blue hedgehog. Because why not? So, if you’ve been looking to build a Sonic-themed PC, or you just want to show off a unique setup, here’s the ASRock B760M PG SONIC WiFi in the flesh, complete with so much bling for your eyes to feast on. Check it out right here.


Right from the get-go, ASRock adorns this motherboard with so much Sonic imagery. You’ll never mistaken it for something else. There’s Sonic right here printed front and back, and yeah to give you an idea of the motherboard’s design, it’s there as well.

Once you open up the box, you’ll be greeted with several items here such as a product manual, two SATA cables, two antennas, three M.2 screws, two M.2 standoffs, cable organizer strips, and an ASRock badge. That’s good and all, but we don’t get a Sonic sticker? Seems like a missed opportunity here to be honest. 


Now, I’m not sure if this is the first motherboard that features a video game character. And no, Hatsune Miku does not count since she’s recognized more as an internet sensation instead of a software voicebank, or a video game character. You get the point. What ASRock made here can basically count as Sonic merchandise. I mean, sure, it’s a B760 motherboard, and most would probably want to go all out for a tie in like this, but just to let you know, ASRock does have a Z790 ATX version of this, so you also have the option to go cheaper or more expensive depending on your budget.

So, while other manufacturers would slap some stickers and give paint jobs on to their products, ASRock accentuates its B760 motherboard by adding a lenticular printed ring here. It looks like it’s moving. So, yeah, think about looking at it at different angles and you’ll see what we mean. It does add to the aesthetics, but this is probably not going to be seen as much inside your case. Unless of course, you’re building a showpiece with Sonic in mind.

Printed all over the heatsinks and the motherboard are Sonic imagery here. The back of the motherboard also has his outline there, so yeah this is basically a showpiece from the get go. 

Well, that pretty much covers its design, but what about the features? Well, basically, for the B760 mATX board, this is pretty packed. It comes with about six fan headers, a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C header, four RGB headers, as well as an M.2 Wi-Fi module onboard. Do take note you have to unscrew the heatsinks to access the M.2 slots.

For storage, you’ll get three M.2 sockets and four SATA ports. And for memory, this does support DDR5 and you’ll get four slots here, with max capacity at 192GB, so do keep in mind that you will want to have that ready if you’re moving from a DDR4 system. Not the 192GB of memory part of course, just whatever DDR5 memory you can get.

This motherboard is equipped with a PCIe 5.0 x16 slot, as well as a PCIe 4.0 x1 slot. And there are two 8-PIN 12V power connectors here.


You know what? If fancy UEFI wallpapers are a thing, ASRock definitely did have some fun designing things here. It’s an extra mile that would add up a lot in the long run.


This ASRock B760M PG SONIC WiFi is tested with an Intel Core i9 12900K and AMD Radeon RX 7600 with 32GB of DDR5 RAM at 6000MT/s. 


Let’s be honest here. While, yes, the ASRock B760M PG SONIC Wi-Fi has a strong set of features for an mATX motherboard and an affordable price, most would make this motherboard as their choice if they’re fans of Sonic the Hedgehog. But don’t let that idea distract you from the fact of how much it costs. At Php11,999, it serves as a great entry for those looking to get into the B760 fold and DDR5 standard. What’s not to like?