Black Moon Closed Beta Begins October 12, 2023

Black Moon Closed Beta Begins October 12, 2023

October 11, 2023 0 By Dave Perry

Mobile action RPG Black Moon is set to have its Closed Beta Test starting October 12, 2023 and will run until October 16, 2023. During this time, the game will be open for everyone on the Android platform. The Closed Beta will simultaneously happen in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. 

Vanquish your foes through weapon-based combat and choose from one of three operatives: Kamitsuki, Lilim, or Ling. Each character has special abilities and moves, allowing you to bring the beatdown to the enemies.

The Black Moon Closed Beta Activities

Buckle up and join the fight! During the Closed Beta, Dawn Bringers will be charged with several special missions that they can accomplish inside the game.

  • Level Challenge: Level up your character to level 35 and receive 5 random weapon tickets and 250 Dark Crystal Gems. Full details HERE.
  • CP Contest TOP 100: Join the competition for the title of Combat Power Champion to win SSR items and 1,000 Dark Crystal Gems by upgrading your own character to become stronger. If you have the highest Combat Power among the top 100 ranks, you will receive rewards in sequence! Full details HERE.
  • Refill Step Up: Top up cumulatively during CBT, get Dark Crystal and Cash Voucher up to 500% in OBT. Full details HERE.
  • Special Offer : Receive the ‘Premium Hero’ title when you top up during the CBT period, totaling $9.99. Full details  HERE.

Aside from progressing the story, Black Moon also features a PvP game mode to hone your skills and combos against actual Dawn Bringers in real time. Acquire and improve your gear to increase your combat power, and take down bigger and bigger prey!

Pre-registration for Black Moon is still on-going. The game will be giving away free weapon tickets and lots of diamonds. Not only that, if the registration is up to the specified amount, all players will get a guaranteed SSR weapon random ticket immediately! Click HERE to pre-register now.
Interested Dawn Bringers can click here to download the game.