Free-to-Play Browser Game Journey Across Raava Announced

Free-to-Play Browser Game Journey Across Raava Announced

October 12, 2023 0 By Dave Perry

ETLOK Studios, known for their upcoming MMORPG project Into the Echo, has announced the release of a free browser-based interactive lore game, Journey Across Raava, which will be available on the studio’s website today, with monthly episodic content to follow.

Journey Across Raava is a rich and immersive multimedia lore experience, incorporating sound, music, interactive crafting, and puzzles to create an evolving experience that simultaneously captures and challenges players throughout the story.    


A Window into a World of History

Journey Across Raava is an immersive standalone title where players will explore Raava – a fully realized world of the Into The Echo MMORPG. Through, this title ETLOK wants to introduce audiences to the cultures, history and lore behind its upcoming title while progressing towards their vision of storytelling across multiple mediums and formats.

“Journey Across Raava is a cozy adventure that sets the stage for the epic multi-year story arc of Into The Echo. The Into The Echo universe is very intricate and detailed with several new and unique concepts and Journey Across Raava is our way of preparing players and laying down the groundwork for the adventures to come,” explains Ashkay Kolte, ETLOK’s Executive Producer and the studio’s Co-Founder.

ETLOK Studios is also pleased to announce that their innovative MMORPG Into the Echo is continuing its development. Into The Echo leverages a deep and intricate world and the concept of time travel to turn traditional mechanics like resource collection, crafting, puzzle-solving and combat into next-generation social experiences. Into The Echo uses a unique hub-and-spoke based progression system, offering players a chance to build their reputation and find their unique purpose in the enchantingly realized world of Raava.       

The Culture and People of Raava

Journey Across Raava is designed as a web-based interactive experience which, while being an unconventional medium, is aimed at providing frictionless access to players across devices.

“The game requires no download and all progress is saved to your account so you can continue your Journey from anywhere,” adds Akshay Kolte. Sign-ups have been ongoing in the weeks prior to release, with players able to access the first Chapter with its release today.

In the pilot chapter of Journey Across Raava, players begin their adventure in the simple village of Aquila where they receive a strange puzzle box from their grandfather. Through interactions with local villagers, day-to-day struggles, and deadly intrigue, players will unravel the mystery behind Raava as they learn about many concepts, ideas, and worldbuilding that will be incorporated into their MMORPG.

An Evolving Story of Mystery and Discovery

Journey Across Raava is planned as a serial release. ETLOK Studios confirms that a new Chapter will be released every month following the game’s initial launch. Furthermore, ETLOK Studios has confirmed that Journey Across Raava will remain completely free, with no paywalls or progress-limiting micro-transactions.