TCL Announces TCL P635 55-Inch UHD TV Price Drop to PHP19,995

TCL Announces TCL P635 55-Inch UHD TV Price Drop to PHP19,995

October 25, 2023 0 By Dave Perry

This is no Trick, only a TREAT for everyone as the leading brand in consumer electronics and TV manufacturing and the World’s Top 2 TV brand, TCL announces the price drop of TCL P635 55-Inch UHD TV from from PHP30,995 to PHP19,995. Better believe it now!

Yes, you heard it right! TCL is slashing up to 65% off on the P635 4K UHD TV. Enjoy a brighter, better and more detailed video and pictures through this model. It has an awesome 4K resolution with HDR10 for better viewing quality.

The TCL P635 is made with Dynamic Color Enhancement, developed exclusively by TCL, designed to optimize color vibrancy automatically. A proprietary algorithm expands traditional palette limitations – providing a more vibrant, premium video experience.

The superb sound quality of TCL P635 is through its immersive Dolby Audio. Enjoy ultra realistic, multi-dimensional sound with Dolby Audio. Designed to immerse yourself in every scene – with incredible clarity, crisper dialogue, and great detail. From sports games to your favorite TV series, entertainment has never sounded better.

The TCL P635 TV also comes with an in-built Google Assistant, which means you can search for movies, stream apps, and play music by just using voice commands. Since

there is also Google Home support, you can also control smart home devices and even stream your smart camera feed to the TV.

When it comes to its built, the TCL P635 3-sided edgeless-less design allows a full-screen and wider visible viewing experience, which just feels right amongst your other home interiors.

Get your own TCL P635 55 inch 4K UHD TV for only PHP19,995. Available at all authorized TCL Dealers. For more information about the TCL C845, go to