How to Perform Disk Cleanup on Windows 11

How to Perform Disk Cleanup on Windows 11

May 1, 2024 0 By Dave Perry

Windows 11 isn’t exactly the upgrade everyone hoped it would be when it launched. There were a lot of changes made, with so many seemingly out of place. If you’ve been wanting to clean up your disk space but can’t find it in the usual spot, like a simple right click on the drive on Windows 10, this guide will show you how.

Why do you need to free up disk space?

Nowadays, games and software require huge amounts of disk space in order to be installed, not to mention how limited storage space can be especially if your system only has a single M.2 slot and you went with a faster drive. So it’s either you invest in more drives, or manage your files for a more economic approach.

How to Perform Disk Cleanup on Windows 11

  1. From your desktop screen, click on Start or press the Windows key on your keyboard.

2. Type in “Disk Cleanup” and press Enter or click it.

3. A window will appear that lets you select which drive you want to clean up. For this instance, we’ll clean up “c:”

4. You’ll see which files can be deleted, and you’ll be able to select which files and locations you’ll want to clean up before it does. For more items to be deleted, you can also click on “Clean up system files”

5. You’ll get a chance to confirm whether you want to delete the files or not. Simply click on “Delete Files” if you’re sure you want to proceed with the action. This will delete all your files from the Recycle Bin to temporary internet files, so make sure you have everything important restored if you happen to have deleted them prior to this process.


And just like that, we have freed up some disk space from our system. Windows 11’s disk cleanup process became a separate process that should have been more centralized like how Windows 10 managed its disks. We hope this guide has helped you in doing disk cleanup on Windows 11.