Gigabyte introduces Aorus 200-series Motherboards and Quadro Graphics Cards

February 18, 2017 0 By urbantechnoobs

At a recent media event, Gigabyte, one of the leading motherboard manufacturers, introduced its Aorus lineup. Aorus, Gigabyte’s official gaming products brand, was first seen on the company’s gaming laptops. Now, their gaming graphics cards, mechanical gaming keyboards, and gaming mice will also carry the Aorus brand name.

Introduced at the event are the 200-series motherboards that are of the Aorus brand. The Aorus gaming motherboards are packed with features that could make a gamer cash-in easily. Features such as Swappable Overlay Accent Led, 3-way Graphics Support, Dual Armor with Ultra Durable Design, High-End Audio Caps, Durable Black Solid Caps, USB DAC-UP 2, and Led Light Show Design are present on all of the motherboards of the Aorus line.

However, additional features such as EKWB G-Frost Water Block(Gaming 9), Bitspower G-Chill Hybrid Water Block(Gaming 8), Multi-Zone LED Light Show, Killer Dual Band WiFi(Gaming 8), Killer Double Shot-X3 Pro(Gaming 9), Creative Sound Core3D Quad-Core Processor with Burr-Brown High-End 127 dB DAC are exclusive to Z270X-Gaming 9 and Z270X-Gaming 8 only.

Also seen and announced at the event were the entry-level Nvidia Quadro Graphics Cards that are aimed to empower newly starting professionals and students who, as of the time, can’t afford to lay their hands on the high-end Nvidia Quadro Graphics Cards.