Steam Publisher Weekend, Up to 80% Off On Deep Silver Games

October 14, 2017 0 By Reyjon Oregas

It’s that time again! Where some of your favorite or want-to-own games on Steam get discounted prices. It’s Steam’s Publisher Weekend once again! And for this Steam Publisher Weekend, game titles from Deep Silver takes the spotlight.

Deep Silver, a well-known video game developer and publisher whose popular for action-thriller game titles such as Metro Redux, Saints Row, and Dead Island, has their whole Steam catalog on Sale. Games in Deep Silver’s Steam catalog have 50% up to 80% price cut off.

The titles in the “Complete Series Bundles” have all the DLCs for the specific game. So, if you’re that kind of person who wants to have all the inclusions of a game to experience it fully, then the complete series bundle is where you should pull the trigger.

But if you’re someone who just wants to beat the game and experience its story, or someone who just wants to have additional titles in their Steam library, then the single-inclusions are what you should look at. But honestly, the bundles are way cheaper.

The Publisher Weekend started on October 12 and will end on October 16. So as of this writing, you still have two more days to get that game you’ve been eyeing for. Oh and if you still don’t know how to buy games on Steam, check out this simple way to start shopping games on steam.