Kingmax Unleashes Zeus Dragon DDR4 Memory Modules

November 23, 2017 0 By urbantechnoobs

Kingmax, a memory expert, released Zeus Dragon DDR4 on November 13, 2017. This is
made for gamers and DIY enthusiasts. The innovative design is integrated with aesthetics
and functions which amazes everyone. Gamers can enjoy its appearance and function.

Zeus Dragon DDR4 uses aluminum alloy heat sink to effectively emit heat, therefore
protecting memory and extending the service life. Zeus Dragon uses the dragon symbol
blending both Eastern and Western style. The luxurious etchings present the superiority of
the dragon and display the assertiveness and dignity of royalty. The dragon is above all other
creatures and has extraordinary power and stunning speed. Besides its shiny scales, its
powerful magic is neck and neck when it fights against Zeus, the ruler of all gods, in order to
protect treasure.

Zeus Dragon DDR4 utilizes diamond cut work. Its texture and trendy design perfectly blends
high performance with high quality. It’s the top choice for gamers. Zeus Dragon comes with
various motherboard certifications and supports Intel XMP 2.0. It has also passed
motherboard tests, including Intel X299, X99, Z170, Z270 and AMD 320, 350 and 370. It has
the best compatibility. Zeus Dragon series also has top of the line power-saving capabilities
and has high stability.

Zeus Dragon DDR4 series has 2400/2800/3000 MHz. Its ultra-speed performance satisfies
gamers’ needs, and it is also JEDEC DDR4-compliant. It adopts lead-free processing and it is
eco-friendly. The Zeus Dragon DDR4 series offers armor black and Knight red.

Source: Kingmax