Seagate and Synology Strengthen Partnership, Announces a New Way to Prevent Data Loss

August 25, 2018 0 By urbantechnoobs

At a recent media event, Seagate Technology, a leader in storage solutions, collaborated with the leading network attached storage, IP surveillance and network equipment provider, Synology, to introduce a new way to prevent data loss proactively – the IronWolf Health Management for Synology’s DiskStation Manager.

The IronWolf Health Management is exclusively offered on Synology NAS. Leveraging the hardware sensors and software suite built into the IronWolf NAS HDDs, the IHM provides intelligent analysis of drive health that surpasses traditional diagnostic tools. It provides state-of-the-art data recovery by overseeing the health of the DiskStation’s drives by continuously analyzing key parameters, and intercepting, containing, and resolving issues quickly. It also gathers additional information like operating conditions such as temperature and humidity to recommend preventative actions that users can take to avoid problems with their drives.

Additionally, the IronWolf Health Management actively protects the Synology NAS by keeping tabs on environmental and usage conditions, deploying algorithms that measure critical drive health parameters, and providing Seagate’s in-house data recovery with a 90 percent recovery rate.

What is a NAS?

NAS or Network Attached Storage allows a user to access his/her files anywhere, given that he/she is connected to the internet and as well as the NAS. To access the NAS through the internet, users can opt to use a web browser or a mobile app.

The Synology NAS can be accessed through a mobile app and, or via web browser. It provides various services and gives the user complete control over all of its content, most especially data protection and security.

The Synology NAS can be used in many different ways. One example is, as a Centralized File Management and Sharing drive, which simplifies data management and files synchronization across various platforms. Files and data within the Synology NAS can be shared easily with external links that can be secured with unique passwords and validity periods. Another example is, as a Multimedia Hub, which lets users access and enjoy their photos, music and videos whenever, wherever they are, and whatever platform they are using.

Synology and Seagate End User Promo

Seagate together with Synology also announced that an end user promo will start on September 1, 2018 and will end on September 30, 2018. End users will get discount with every purchase of a Synology NAS and Seagate IronWolf bundle.