ESGS 2018: MSI Conducts Short Motherboard and Graphics Card Seminar, Intros New Pre-builts

November 1, 2018 0 By Reyjon Oregas

At ESGS 2018, the biggest eSports and gaming convention in the Philippines, MSI, one of the biggest and most trusted names for PC components and laptops, recently conducted a short seminar that focused on its existing product lines.
MSI highlighted their motherboards and graphics cards segments that specialize on different niche market, and explained how each of the segment differs from one another.
Their motherboard offerings are divided into 4 segments that appeal to differing needs of consumers. The Arsenal Series, for one, are motherboards aimed at beginners who are looking to build their gaming PC for the first time and don’t require a lot of the fancy additional features from their motherboard, but still want some flair in it. A no frills motherboard with style as one might say. The PRO Series, on the other hand, are motherboards aimed for businesses and users whose requirements include minimalist design with high quality components that provide stable performance.
While for enthusiast, gaming professionals and PC building veterans, MSI has the MEG and MPG line. The motherboards under the MPG and MEG line are equipped with nothing but the latest technology available for motherboards, motherboards in these segments are also equipped with large power phases that help in achieving higher and a more stable CPU overclocking.
On the graphics cards side, MSI divided their offerings into 5 segments. First is their Aero line, graphics cards on this segment offer minimalist and easy to color-match design partnered with a blower type fan. Second is the Ventus line, graphics cards under this line sport a dual-fan design and neutral colors that are easy to match with any themes. The third segment is the Duke that feature a premium backplate and a triple fan setup that feature the patented Torx 2.0 Fan technology.
Their top of the line graphics cards under the Gaming X Trio feature the latest RGB technology, a triple-fan setup that takes advantage of the Torx Fan 3.0 technology, and a custom gaming PCB that can push the OC capability of the graphics card past its limits. Lastly, for the water-cooling fanatics, MSI has the Seahawk line with graphics cards that feature a closed loop cooling system, and graphics cards that are readily available with EK Water Block.
MSI also introduced their new pre-built PCs that will be available in the PH market. Displayed at the event was their Infinite A and Trident X. The Infinite A is equipped with an Intel Core i7-8700, 8GB of DDR4 RAMs running at 2400Mhz, and MSI GTX 1070Ti on a B360 motherboard. The Trident X, on the other hand, boasts an Intel Core i7-9700K, an MSI RTX 20XX Series graphics card, and 8GB of RAM on a Z370 motherboard.
If you want to know more about MSI’s product lineup and want to have a chance to attend such seminars, just follow their social media platforms or subscribe to their Newsletters over at their official website; and always keep your eyes peeled.