Does the Radeon RX570 Offer Better Price-to-Performance than the GTX 1650?

May 8, 2019 0 By urbantechnoobs

The recently released GTX 1650 has been the crux of a number of tech-oriented social media and Youtube channels this past couple of weeks. Not just because it’s the newest graphics card offering of Nvidia, but also because of its lackluster performance.

A lot of enthusiasts and especially those who wait for budget-friendly graphics cards expected a lot from Nvidia’s latest entry-level offering. Unfortunately, Nvidia’s GTX 1650 did not meet the price-to-performance expectations of the crowd, which a number of tech-tubers and PC components reviewers pointed out. A lot of them pitted the newly released Nvidia graphics card with AMD’s Radeon RX 570, which is 2 years older.

Popular Tech-tubers such as JayzTwoCents, Gamer Nexus, and Hardware Unboxed pointed out that the Radeon RX570 is the better choice when it comes to gaming performance when compared to the latest Nvidia GTX 1650. All throughout their gaming benchmarks, the 2-year-old graphics card of Radeon offered 7 – 10% more performance than Nvidia’s latest offering. Ultimately, they all came into a conclusion that the RX 570 was the better option when it comes to overall gaming performance.

While we agree with their statements and opinions, we still believe that Nvidia’s GTX 1650 would be welcomed by some, especially those who are budget constrained but still aim for 1080P gaming. And it will also surely appeal to those who put power consumption at top priority as the GTX 1650 only draws 75W – 95W at peak depending on AIB configuration. But then again, there are cheaper alternatives available, like a second-hand GTX 1070Ti or Radeon’s RX580 which both offer significant performance boosts.

At the end of the day though, the choice would still be yours, be it red or green.