Feature: Patriot Viper Steel Gaming DDR4 Extreme Performance Memory

June 29, 2019 0 By urbantechnoobs

Patriot has been in the memory industry for quite some time now. In fact, in the early days of PC gaming, they have had exchanged blows with the top brands in the market. This time around, they are reigniting their presence in the market with the release of their gaming brand, Viper Gaming.

Patriot’s Viper Gaming line has a couple of entries for the DIY PC market. Their offerings not only ooze grandeur but are also big on performance, one of which is its Viper Steel lineup. Focused on providing gamers with nothing but pure performance, the Viper Steel line offers memory kits with different speed variations that start from DDR4-3000 up to DDR4-4000. As its name might suggest, the Viper Steel kits are equipped with steel heat spreaders that effectively distributes and passively dissipates heat, keeping the kits cool and ready for some serious speed limit breakings.
The Viper Steel and other Viper Gaming products are available at your favorite PC retail stores. In the Philippines, however, Viper Steel and other Viper Gaming products are exclusively available at PC Hub.
Here is the Viper Steel pricelist extracted from PC Hub’s online price list: