Acer Philippines Teams up with Manila Mayor Isko Moreno to Deploy New Computers to City Libraries

January 27, 2020 0 By urbantechnoobs

Acer, one of the leading computer manufacturers known worldwide, has donated 42 Acer powered desktop computers for Manila Mayor Isko Moreno’s Digital Literacy for All project.

The Manila Mayor’s ‘Digital Literacy for All’ project aims to teach digital skills to every person in the city, which will be beneficial for their works or daily lives. Moreover, the new desktop computers will help Manilenos with their lessons and research, as these computers will have internet connectivity. However, the Manila Mayor warned that these computers are deployed in the libraries for the sole purpose of seeking knowledge and not personal consumption. Aside from digital literacy, the project will also include spaces inside public libraries for Manilenos to do group discussions, meetings, and other collaborative engagements that will promote teamwork and boost productivity.

The 42 Acer desktop units will be distributed to 11 Manila City public libraries. Along with the Manila-Sacramento Friendship Library are San Nicolas Public Library, Tondo Public Library, Valeriano E. Fugoso Library, Main LibraryRef. Division, Kapitan Isidro Mendoza Public Library, Dapitan Complex Library, Arsenio HH. Lacson Public Library, Bacood Public Library, Patricia Public Library, and Manila-san Francisco Friendship Library.

Below is the detailed distribution of the 42 Acer desktop computers:

  • Manila-Sacramento Friendship Library – 5 Desktop Computers
  • San Nicolas Public Library – 4 Desktop Computers
  • Tondo Public Library – 4 Desktop Computers
  • Valeriano E. Fugoso Library – 4 Desktop Computers
  • Main Library Ref. Division – 8 Desktop Computers
  • Kapitan Isidro Mendoza Public Library – 2 Desktop Computers
  • Dapitan Complex Library – 2 Desktop Computers
  • Arsenio H. Lacson Public Library – 3 Desktop Computers
  • Bacood Public Library – 4 Desktop Computers
  • Patricia Public Library – 2 Desktop Computers
  • Manila-San Francisco Friendship Library – 4 Desktop Computers