Aorus CV27Q Bags iF Design Award 2020

March 6, 2020 0 By urbantechnoobs

Aorus, the gaming brand of Gigabyte, has announced that the Aorus CV27Q has won the iF Design Award 2020 for its phenomenal design that’s backed by exclusive features, fine-tuned details, and ultra-durable product quality.

“We are thrilled that although GIGABYTE is a newcomer to the gaming monitor market, we have received so much positive feedback. Winning the iF design award is a driving force for our continual pursuit of innovation and research development. While most brands focus on highlighting the panel specs, AORUS gaming monitors are unique in offering the perfect panel specs as well as phenomenal hardware and software features. AORUS CV27Q brings gaming monitors to the next level by offering HBR3 high bandwidth and the native 1500R curvature to provide a more immersive gaming experience. The exclusive AORUS tactical features Active Noise Cancelling 2.0 and Black Equalizer 2.0 spice it up and really make it stand out from the others. We consider appearance to be equally important to the hardware itself, that’s why AORUS gaming monitors always strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. ” -Jackson Hsu, Director of the GIGABYTE Product Development Division.

The design concept for AORUS CV27Q is to replicate the dive of a falcon when it is pursuing its prey. The LEDs flashing on the back of the monitor can be synchronized through GIGABYTE RGB Fusion software with other components to add more diverse lighting patterns to the gaming system.

While the Aorus exclusive ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) feature has been a hot topic among gamers and the upgraded 2.0 version offers gamers with SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) up to 120 db and maximum 600 input impedance. By plugging high-impedance headphones directly into the audio jack, gamers can immerse themselves in the most appealing music quality that AORUS CV27Q presents. 

Adding more to its immersive features, the Aorus CV27Q’s native 1500R is backed by an exclusive HBR3 that enables simultaneous fast refresh rates and maximum color depth with HDR function, which will let users feel super immersed.
And topping it all up, the Aorus CV27Q’s upgraded Black Equalizer 2.0 presents sophisticated pictures for both gaming and audio-visual satisfaction. The technology is capable of processing 1,296 partitions simultaneously and optimizes the screen display by bringing extra light to the dark side of the picture for better visibility.
The Aorus CV27Q is now available at any Aorus authorized retailers.