Ryzen 5000-G Desktop Processors Revealed

Ryzen 5000-G Desktop Processors Revealed

April 19, 2021 0 By urbantechnoobs

AMD adds more desktop processors to its well-received Ryzen 5000 series lineup. This time around, AMD is adding six Ryzen 5000-G processors into its current lineup.

Ryzen 5000G Specifications

The Radeon equipped Ryzen processors will be available in each tier. The new lineup will have two models of each Ryzen variant, the Ryzen 5000 G and Ryzen 5000 GE. The G and GE variants are virtually the similar in both core counts and boost clocks. The difference of the two lies on its base clock and TDP. The GE variants have slower base clocks and lower TDP, which are recommended when you put efficiency above anything else. On the other hand, the G variants run faster, 400MHz to 600MHz faster to be exact, and these additional speeds come with higher TDPs.

With its advanced 7nm technology and integrated Radeon graphics, the new Radeon 5000-G processors are best for those who put efficient processing performance on top. Its integrated Radeon graphics that’s accompanied with the great processing ability of the Ryzen core makes a Ryzen 5000-G processor a good foundation for an unrestrained gaming build. It is also a great core component for a graphics design and, or video editing system.


The only thing that’s holding these processors back is their availability to the masses. According to the official spec sheet, the Ryzen 5000-G processors are now available but are only available as tray processors. This means that these processors are much likely to be seen on OEM products such as pre-built desktops.

With that said, the upcoming OEM products from AMD brand partners will have these highly efficient processors in their core.

To know more about the new Ryzen 5000-G series processors, head on over to AMD’s official website.

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