Xtreme MF 4900S Smart TV Review

Xtreme MF 4900S Smart TV Review

April 25, 2021 0 By Reyjon Oregas

The Xtreme MF-4900S is the 49″ variant of the Xtreme S-Series TV lineup. It is feature rich and comes with a very affordable price tag.

The MF-4900S is arguably one of the best smart TV in its price point. It has 4K IPS display, a built-in sound bar, and HDR support, to point a couple of its notable features. These features are already great selling points for this smart TV. However, in a market filled with TVs that have Android operating systems, the Xtreme MF-4900S would only really appeal to a specific group of people.

In this review, we’ll tackle about its strengths and also what it lacks, to be able to determine if this is the right 49″ TV for you and your family.

What’s inside the box of Xtreme MF-4900S?

As you may have predicted, the Xtreme MF-4900S obviously comes in a huge package. Just like other electronic appliances of this size, the MF-4900S is packed with an ample amount of protective materials inside the box.

Aside from the TV unit itself, new owners will also find a couple of items inside the box. For starters, there are two TV remote in the package. One is a shorter version with all the feature buttons, while the other is the standard remote we’re used to. Other items inside the package are: the usual user manual, warranty guide, power cable, table top stand, RCA to 3.5mm AV adapter, and a wall mounting kit. Everything that you will need to setup a TV is inside the box, and a little bit more.

Wall Mounting Kit for MF-4900S

As some of us know, some TV manufacturers don’t usually include a wall mounting kit in their packages. The wall mounting kit that is in the MF-4900S package is a heaven-sent to those with minimal living space.

Two remotes, but why?

Remotes Xtreme MF-4900S

The two remotes don’t really have notable differences that will force you to look for the other if you misplace it. Having two remotes really just eliminates the uneasiness when you lose a remote, knowing that there’s still another one.

Going into specifics, the longer remote is the standard, which has all the buttons that one will need to control all features and functions of the MF-4900S. On the other hand, the smaller one provides direct access to the settings, usb, source, and smart menu. It would’ve been a great additional remote if it also has Youtube, Netflix, and internet browser buttons like the other.

As we see it, a remote with all the buttons that you will need to access features and other functions of a TV is enough. There is no need for an additional remote that doesn’t have a unique button.

Design and ports placement

MF-4900S Smart TV

Xtreme chose a neutral color for the MF-4900S that’ll surely go well with any theme. The official website says its black, but it does seem to be in the territory of gun metal grey.

Its panel frames are entirely made of metal, giving the MF-4900S a premium vibe that’s comparable to other staple brands. The screen frame of the MF-4900S sports a slim bezel design that not only makes it look sharp, but also opens more screen estate for a wider viewing experience. To detail, the side bezel is only 8mm thin, while the top adds a millimeter at 9mm. The only part of the MF-4900S that doesn’t follow the slim bezel design is its chin, as the built-in sound bar measures 50mm.

Xtreme MF-4900S Back panel

Just like most TVs in this price point, the Xtreme MF-4900 also has a mix of plastic and metal parts. The sleekness seen up front extends to the back of the MF-4900S. The back shell is of plastic and has an ample amount of vents that help keep the components inside at a tolerable operating temperature.

There are three HDMI ports on the side, near the built-in control buttons of the MF-4900S. You’ll find a 3.5mm AV port, a USB port, LAN port, SPDIF, Line Out, and TV antenna port on this side as well. The AC power port is on the other side on its own. While the placement of the ports on each side isn’t displeasing, one will still have dangling cables on both ends of the TV if not properly managed.

Xtreme MF-4900S offers a great TV viewing experience

HDR support of Xtreme MF-4900S

Xtreme’s MF-4900S sports a 49-inch IPS UHD display that supports HDR. With its 4K resolution screen and HDR support, the MF-4900S is able to deliver sharp and vibrant image quality to consumers.

Mf-4900S Built-in Soundbar

It offers a great TV viewing experience, especially when binging on movies and series on Netflix. With its 4K display and support for HDR, the MF-4900S automatically acquires UHD and HDR supported content on Netflix. The HDR on this one is just about right. It delivers a good combination of strong color intensity and a decent level of black depth. While image quality is a top priority, a TV viewing experience would not be complete if the TV’s audio reproduction is subpar. Luckily, the MF-4900S comes with a built-in soundbar by puresound. The built-in soundbar is more than enough, so much so that even when you’re 3 meters away from it, you’ll still be able to hear the audio clearly.

Xtreme left no stones unturned when it comes to personalization on the MF-4900S, as the settings allows you to switch sound modes and color temperature. Additionally, this personalization feature can be done on-the-fly through the dedicated buttons on the standard remote.

It’s another story when it comes to gaming and user interface

Let’s first talk about the user interface, because other than local and international channels, this is probably one of the first things that one will access when switching a smart television on.

MF-4900S user interface

The Xtreme MF-4900S, as we’ve mentioned, isn’t an Android powered Smart TV. To put it simply, the MF-4900S is basically a TV with smart features and web browsing capability. But don’t get me wrong, it is still one of the best Smart Television within its price point. However, there’re avenues that should be improved. And the elephant in room is its Linux-based user interface. It is inferior if compared to other Smart Televisions with Android operating systems, but it gets the job done.

App Store of Xtreme MF-4900S

A key section that needs improving is its main menu. It is a little bland, but comes with Youtube and Netflix preinstalled. There are other apps as well, but aren’t really inviting. It has its own app store, but the app choices in its library isn’t much. There are a handful of internet-based international channels in it, but most of them are subscription-based. So, you’ll just have to make do with what’s available. Additionally, games are also available at its app store if you’re into some 2D action.

MF-4900S Gaming

Gaming at 4K is slowly becoming the norm. So, most people with the latest hardware like the Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X are out to find a capable 4K TV. While the MF-4900S is equipped with a 4K display, it still lacks the needed refresh rate to maximize the performance of these consoles. As its 4K resolution is rated at 30Hz, while its 1080P is 60Hz. I’m not saying that you can’t use it for gaming, the MF-4900S is still suitable for the task, but not with the latest consoles.

Xtreme MF-4900S Smart functions

Smart Features of MF-4900S

A Smart TV’s most notable feature would be its ability to be a wireless display. And that is just what the Xtreme MF-4900S is capable of.

You can wirelessly connect your mobile devices to the MF-4900S using its wireless display feature. However, during our test, the MF-4900S required us to manually activate its wireless display function whenever we want to wirelessly connect our android device. It’s not a daunting task, but it’s something that should be addressed on the next iteration or firmware update.

To make the most of its smart features, you’ll need to download their Fast Cast app. The Fast Cast app is true to its name, as it has notably quicken the detection and connection process of the MF-4900S to our android device. Along with the usual video, image, and music casts, the app can also double as a remote control or touch pad.

Power Draw

Most of the consumers who are out to get new electronic appliances tend to check its power ratings first. As power consumption is one of the factors that most consumers check, it’s just right to check the Xtreme MF-4900S’ power consumption.

We’ve tested its power consumption with a couple of daily scenarios. First is while watching an HD movie on Netflix, the MF-4900S draws 97W – 100W from the socket during the whole one and a half hour movie. While during a 4K HDR Netflix series, its power consumption would steadily move back and forth to 101W – 103W. It’s the same during gaming, the Xtreme MF-4900S will draw around 101W – 103W. Interestingly, the MF-4900S will have the same 4K and gaming power draw while its running its screen saver. So, it would be better to just turn it off if not in use.

With a 4K IPS panel, a powerful built-in soundbar, and a 49″ screen, its power draws during our tests are really notable. To put it into perspective, our 43″ 1080P Android TV consumes almost the same power on all tests.

What we think about the MF-4900S

Though it has some shortcomings here and there, consumers who seek great value for money will be able to write them off.

But without a doubt, the Xtreme MF-4900S will bring consumers an immersive viewing experience. The combination of sharp 4K IPS display, HDR support, and built-in soundbar that hits all the right spots of the audio and visual spectrum, makes the MF-4900S a top choice in terms of value for money.

We’d recommend the Xtreme MF-4900S, in a heartbeat, if you are looking to upgrade from an aging smaller TV, especially if you’re keen on visual and audio immersion rather than smart functions.

If you’re convinced to get or upgrade to the Xtreme MF-4900S, then just head on over to an Xtreme Appliances partner store near you. You can also get it from ecommerce platforms, Lazada and Shopee, or via their official website.