Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 6000 (32GB Kit) Review

Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 6000 (32GB Kit) Review

November 15, 2022 0 By Reyjon Oregas

It has been a while since the last time I published a review about a product. Many things have happened in the gaming and tech space since then. One of which is the advancement of PC hardware.

New desktop platforms are now available, as top CPU manufacturers have released their latest CPUs for desktop computers. These new platforms bring forward new features, along with higher computing and gaming performance. However, most of the time, new platforms require new components such as new motherboards and, or new memory modules. And to maximize the performance of these new platforms, you’ll be needing high-performance components as well.

High-performance components like the new X670 platform of AMD, and Z690 and Z790 platforms of Intel require the latest JEDEC memory standard – DDR5. The new DDR5 memory standard ensures lower power consumption, while having higher bandwidth than its predecessor.

If you’re looking to get into a new platform and you’re eyeing for the best out-of-the-box experience, then you would want to acquire high-performance components on the get-go. One of the high-performance memory modules that you can get right now is, the Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 6000 MT/s kits.

The Kingston Fury Beast RGB DDR5 6000 MT/s memory is availabe in kits of two with 32GB memory capacity or 64GB memory capacity. If you want to know more about the Kingston Fury DDR5 6000 MT/s 32GB kit, then let me tell you more about it in this review.

Inside the package:

Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 RGB 6000 32GB Kit Review

Just like the previous Kingston memory kits that I’ve had my hands on, this new iteration of the Kingston Fury Beast is no different. As always, this model line of Kingston memory kits are tucked and secured in a straigth-forward clear plastic clam shell along with its installation guide and sticker badge.

There are no other inclusions, nor an additional box like the one we see on their higher-end models. It’s not a bad thing, as this allows the brand to have a lower production cost for these kits, resulting to a lower market price. But then again, as of this writing, market prices are still on the high due to some uncontrolled factors.

Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 6000 32GB Kit Package

Going back, the packaging is made out of hard plastic that provides sufficient protection. Although, the additional box could’ve provided an additional layer of protection, but the lack thereof isn’t a bad thing as I explained a while ago.


Kingston Fury Beast RGB DDR5 6000 Review

Moving on to how it actually looks. The memory modules we have here feature RGB led bars that make it a bit taller to the non-RGB variant.

As we’ve seen time and time again, Kingston is all about that dark colored, gaming-centric aesthetic. The Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 kit is a testament to that, as it comes in the brand’s signature color scheme. It has a black on black color combination seen on the heatspreader and PCB. The only contrast in color, or might I say accents you’ll find on the kit is the Kingston Fury branding on both sides, the DDR5 text, and the RGB unit on top of each memory.

The kit is still on the low-profile spectrum as it only measures 133.35 mm x 42.23 mm x 7.11 mm. Its height wont be a hindrance to a number of massive air coolers, and especially to AIO tubings.

The design is reminiscent of past Kingston memories, with heatspreaders that suggest high-performance, ensuring its place in any gaming or professional systems.

A closer look:

Kingston Fury Beast RGB DDR5 6000 32GB Kit Review

DDR5 is somewhat new to me, as I’m still using the previous JEDEC memory standard on my test bench and personal gaming system.

While the previous JEDEC is still widely utilized by a number of gaming and professional systems, the new DDR5 looms over the horizon, offering far better speeds and efficiency.

Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 6000 Memory Review

The Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 that we have knocks on the doors of early adopters and new system builders. It is available in 8GB up to 64GB capacities. The 64GB variant is only available in kit of two, while the 8GB is only available in single modules. The 16GB and 32GB variants, on the other hand, are available in both single module and in a kit of two.

The kit we have is a 32GB kit of two, with each stick packing 16GB of DDR5 memory. It has a rated speed of 6000 MT/s and comes with a CAS Latency of 40-40-40. A bit of caution though, to get the rated speed of the kit, you will need to tinker a bit in the BIOS of your motherboard to enable its XMP profile.

However, if you aren’t confident with tinkering around the BIOS, Kingston equipped the Fury Beast RGB lineup with a Plug N Play feature. This feature will automatically set the speed of the memories to 4800 MT/s out-of-the-box or to the highest speed allowed by the system BIOS.


When comparing memory modules, we tend to pit them against each other through a set of synthetic tests that can either be bought or freely downloaded from their respective developer websites.

But on this one, since this is the first ever DDR5 we got for review, we’ll just go with testing it as it is. No comparison, no frills. But before we get on with the test results, here is our test setup for this review:

  • CPU – Intel Core i9 12900K
  • Cooler – NZXT Kraken X63 RGB
  • Motherboard – ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming WiFi
  • GPU – Inno3D GeForce RTX 3080 Ti iChill X4
  • Memory – Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 6000 MT/s (32GB Kit)
  • Power Supply – FSP Hydro G Pro 850W Gold

Our test suite is simple. As we’ve mentioned, we use tests that are easily acquired and readily available to the public, allowing an easy replication of process and achieving close to similar results as ours.

Synthetic benchmarks:

Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 6000 Review 3DMark Result
3DMark is a benchmarking tool that is available on Steam. It tests the 3D graphic rendering and CPU processing capabilities of the system.
Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 6000 Review Cinebench R20
Cinebench benchmarks measure the rendering capability of the system. It has two separate results; one measures the rendering capability of the system when all cores are utilized, while the other measures the single-core performance.
Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 6000 Review Cinebench R23
Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 6000 Review Geek Bench 5.4.5
Aside from measuring the system’s single-core and multi-core performance by flooding it with workloads that span from checking email, taking picture, to playing music; Geekbench 5 now includes performance measurement through augmented reality and machine learning.
Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 6000 Review RealBench 2.56
RealBench utilizes open-source applications to test the performance of the system. It replicates the processes that the system performs in real life.
Kingston Fury Beast RGB DDR5 6000 Review Operating Temperature @ 6000 MT_s (In Celcius)
The operating temperature is captured using HWiNFo v7.30. All three temperatures are reached and recorded after a benchmarking run.


Whether you’re building a new AMD 7000 series system, or an Intel 12th Generation or 13th Generation system, you should aim to get the best out of the build. But doing so will require the best components of each segment.

As one of the most trusted memory and storage brand in the world, the Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 6000 will not disappoint. Aside from an easy overclocking experience through XMP, the line also features Plug N Play, which makes it a desirable memory kit even for non-enthusiast users.

Computer hardware prices are slowly stabilizing and returning to their previous state. However, due to the fact that the DDR5 standard is quite new to the market, the prices of these memory modules might still be a bit high for some. But the Kingston Fury Beast RGB DDR5 6000 32GB Kit begs to differ as it holds a price of $251 on this e-commerce website.

While there’s a handful of memory modules available in the market, the Kingston Fury Beast RGB DDR5 RGB 6000 offers an easy overclocking experience to non-enthusiast users with its Plug N Play feature. And you could never go wrong with a Kingston Fury memory as it is tested and supported by numerous motherboard manufacturers. So, achieving the rated speed of 6000 MT/s is just a walk in the park. More importantly, Kingston backs it up with a lifetime warranty.

And with that, we give the Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 6000 32GB Kit our Editor’s Choice Award.