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Feature: Emaxx First AM4 Motherboard, the EMX-A320-GAMING

Well, just so everyone knows, my very first motherboard was an EMAXX-A70FM2+iCafe. That’s where I started learning stuff about building my own PC, and how motherboard features play a big role in your overall build. So, with that said, I needed to let go of my very first motherboard and replace it with a new one from a different brand. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that motherboard, but as they say -- everything must come to an end.

So, in line with this reminiscing of mine, on this article we’ll show you the latest motherboard offering of EMAXX – the EMX-A320-GAMING. This latest motherboard from EMAXX is equipped with the latest AM4 socket that, as we all know, caters to AMD’s latest Ryzen processor lineup.

What’s Inside the Box:
Before discussing about the inclusions, let’s first talk about the box itself. Unlike other motherboard boxes which have the motherboard’s basic information slapped on the back of the box, Emaxx has these information at the top of its box. But just like any other motherboard boxes, the key features of the A320-GAMING will also be seen in front of the box. And to show how this and any motherboard in the Emaxx GAMING lineup can give users the power to game, Emaxx has this image of a hand holding an orb of power along with their tag-line – Power 2 The Gamers.

So, let’s get on with what we really want to see in the first place, the inclusions of the EMX-A320-GAMING. Along with the motherboard itself are a couple of SATA cables, I/O shield, Quick Installation Guide, and the CD that has the Drivers and the User Manual of the motherboard. However, if you want to be sure that you put in the latest Drivers for this motherboard or any motherboards in general – you’ll just need to connect to the internet and download the Drivers from their respective websites. For the EMX-A320-GAMING, you can download it via www.emaxxtech.com.

Gaming? Really?

With the word “Gaming” included in its name and its "Power 2 The Gamers" tagline, it should at least have something that gamers would want from a motherboard that says “Gaming”, right? Without further ado, let's get on with the motherboard itself.

The EMX-A320-GAMING is a Micro-ATX motherboard built for the latest AMD Ryzen processors. It has two DDR4 DIMM slots which support up to 2667MHz of DDR4 memory (Dual-Channel). Its 4-pin power connector is complemented by a 3+2 Power Phase Design that supplies smooth power to its AM4 socket. It has one PCIe x16 slot waiting for an insane graphics card to be put on it, and two PCIe x1 awaiting some expansion cards to occupy it.

As for its storage options, the EMX-A320-GAMING has four SATA III 6Gb/s connectors which are horizontally occupying the bottom of the board. With the SATA connectors occupying its usual place, the Front Panel pins of this motherboard are seen where the SATA connectors are usually placed.

Moving on to I/O ports, the EMX-A320-GAMING sports two PS/2 ports for mouse and keyboard connectivity, two USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 Gen1 ports, and 3 Audio ports (Line In/Line Out/ MIC In). You can connect your monitor(s) via its VGA port and HDMI – these ports allow dual monitor setup.

We’ve nearly ran down everything that you need to know about the EMX-A320-GAMING, but we still haven’t found the gaming feature that the word GAMING stands for. So, we’re left to think of why this motherboard has the word “GAMING” tagged in its name. And it hit us, what are the popular games nowadays? 

Nowadays, mostly everything, specially gaming, revolves around the immeasurable space of the internet and creates their own environment within that space. So, what does a gamer need when playing a game via internet? A fast and stable connection! And this motherboard has just that.

The EMX-A320-GAMING has an onboard Gigabit Ethernet Lan port which is of Realtek (RTL-8111H). In theory, Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports can deliver speeds of up to 1Gb/s but as we always do to be able to show how it works, we always need to test it first. Hopefully, we get to test this out and check what speeds it can really deliver.

Oh yeah! Sound quality is always in the must-have list of a gamer, a lot of motherboards from different brands sport audio codecs from some of the popular audio provider. That said, EMX-A320-GAMING is not left behind in this department, its audio is backed by a Realtek ALC887 -- a 7.1 Channel High Definition Audio Codec with two independent SPDIF outputs. Also just like any gaming motherboard out there, this AM4 motherboard from Emaxx also sports LED lighting that traces the separation path of its audio components from the other components of the motherboard.

So, is this really for Gaming? Well, for us, this motherboard will surely be a hit in the Internet Café industry, especially for those who are planning to start a new Internet Café business and want to utilize the gaming prowess of an AMD Ryzen processor. 

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