Review: Corsair VOID PRO RGB (USB)

August 29, 2017 0 By urbantechnoobs

Games like CS:GO, Overwatch, PUBG, and Battle Field 1 require a good pair of gaming headset. Well, simply because a sound of an enemy footstep can win you a match or mean the end of your streak. And a good pair of gaming headset would surely let you hear that. But how do you determine a good headset? Well it should always be a combination of comfort, functionality, quality and style.

There are a lot of brands that incorporate all of these traits in their headset offerings. One of which is Corsair with their VOID headset lineup.
Corsair’s Void headset lineup has been one of the most sought after headsets in the past, and are still one of the top choices when hunting down a gaming headset. And just recently, they have updated the VOID lineup with the addition of the VOID PRO RGB (Wired & Wireless).

The VOID PRO RGB comes in three versions: wired (USB), wired (stereo/USB), and wireless. And If you’re the type of person who wants a specific color when buying peripherals for your gaming setup, then you should take note that the VOID PRO RGB (Wireless & Wired USB) will be available in Carbon and White, while the VOID PRO RGB Surrond (3.5mm Analog) will come in Carbon and Cherry. But, if you are searching for something that can add a little color in your monochromatic theme, then the VOID PRO RGB Wireless SE which will come in Yellow would be a great choice.
Well, luckily we have been given the chance to get a first look at one of the newest VOID PRO headsets. Today will be reviewing the VOID PRO RGB (USB).

The VOID PRO RGB ships in a familiar Corsair packaging with familiar Corsair color scheme. The front of the box will give you a little glimpse of what the VOID PRO unit would look like. One side of the box features the image of the CUE software that will be used to control the settings and RGB lighting of the headset. Information about the VOID PRO RGB will be seen at the back.

Inside the box, you’ll find the VOID PRO RGB headset, mic windscreen, warranty guide, and a quick start guide. Nothing special included in the box.

Looking Closely:

If you are familiar with the VOID line, then you’ll notice minimal changes to the design of this iteration. A noticeable change tho will be seen on the mic, it doesn’t have the ridges accent anymore; making it look sleeker. Also noticeable, is the addition of an indicator light that will light up when you opted to mute your mic and otherwise when On, and it seemingly draws the line between the mic and its neck.

Moving on, the headband is of plastic that is imbued with meshed foam padding. It has 8 points of band adjustments, which makes it a sure fit to almost every head size. Not that I’m saying that your head is big. But, since we’re into heads now, let’s go to your ears and let me tell you that the ear cups of the VOID PRO have angular design, and Corsair is proud of these ear cups that are made of viscoelastic foam, which would surely encapsulate your ears and embrace its shape – giving you comfort even for long hours of use.

The mute button, just like before, will be found on the left ear cup and just below it is the volume rocker, which doubles as a toggle button for the Dolby 7.1 function.

We have not seen any noteworthy changes in the design. But, it is still good as it is. The comfort it gives whenever I use it is by far comparable to none.
Testing and Lighting:

To check out the lighting effects and audio settings, the CUE software needs to be downloaded from Corsair’s website. The CUE software controls the lighting settings of the VOID PRO RGB and other Corsair products. You’ll find 6 lighting effects available in CUE, its speed can be adjusted here too. EQ presets will also be found in CUE and also the Dolby feature.

When it comes to audio performance, it would always boil down to personal preference. I, myself, prefer a more dominant vocals when listening to music. With that said, we always have our likes and dislikes when it comes to audio. I, for one, love rock music, so, it’s safe to say that my ears are accustomed to guitar riffs, shreds, and loud vocals.
Sound Tests:
Escape the Fate Ovecome
Kyle – iSpy

The Corsair VOID PRO, in its default values, produced an audio quality up to my liking, with vocals on point and bass at a noticeable level but not overpowering other ingredients. One thing to note tho, when you download the CUE software and restart your PC, cause it’s the right thing to do, please do check the EQ presets section of the CUE software. All of the presets are flipped On when I checked the software after a fresh install, don’t know if it’s just a random incident or if it’s like this in all other freshly installed CUE. But, I digress.

Moving to gaming performance. This is where and when the VOID PRO RGB shines brightest with its Dolby 7.1 feature.
Games (PC):
Battle Field 1
Games (PS4):



NBA 2K17

The Dolby 7.1 increased the audio ingredients dramatically, letting my ears feast on sounds that I wasn’t aware before. Let me talk about Gigantic, when I was just using my ordinary speakers and headset, I wasn’t able to hear the jet-pack of Becket zooming and the little noises made by the cute summons.

Additionally, this VOID PRO RGB version that we got, which is the wired (USB), is also compatible with the PS4. If you are to check their website and see the compatibility chart of the VOID PRO RGB wired (USB), you’ll see that the only platform that it’s compatible with, is the PC.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to change its settings and lighting effects if you opt to use the VOID PRO RGB (USB) on the PS4. Its audio performance will run at default values, while the lighting effect will retain the last known setting. Regarding other gaming platforms, we’ll update this as soon as we get our hands on an XBOX ONE. So, with that cleared out, you can now add this to your list of headsets to look at for the PS4.

But, I digress again. Going back, with the Dolby 7.1, gaming is more immersive than before. However, there would always be times that you wouldn’t want to hear more than you need to. So, I suggest, choose your battles wisely when using the Dolby 7.1 feature, because it also increases the all-around volume. Some people don’t like loud sounds, i live to tell the tale.

The Mic is also one of its selling points, because why not? Corsair said that they’ve improved the quality of the mic for this iteration. And yes, it was up to my liking. With the mic piece situated near my mouth, my voice was clear even with the mic volume set at only 50%. However, going past 75%, one will surely notice the white noise, so it would be advisable to not go beyond this point for best voice output.

What we think:

Design-wise, there might only be minimal difference with the previous iteration. However, the improvements with its audio and mic quality are the most notable changes from its predecessor. The VOID PRO RGB lineup is also competitively priced with the wired (USB) version coming in at 79 USD and the wireless version at 99 USD. The improvements with its audio, mic, and materials pretty much justify its price.

So, if you are hunting for an over-the-ear headset that has a good mid-range clarity and bass performance, a mic that can capture your voice clearly even at low volumes and has noise-cancelling feature, and more importantly – RGB! Then you need not look further.