Review: Kingmax Zeus PX3280 M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD

June 4, 2018 0 By Reyjon Oregas

M.2 SSDs have gained popularity in the PC enthusiast market because of their size and undeniable great performance. Who would’t want a blazing fast read and write performance in a small package?

But as always, we are plagued with a lot of M.2 SSDs from different brands. And as always, we give you something to consider when you are out in the wild and hunting for an M.2 SSD that will soon claim the seat on your motherboard’s or laptop’s M.2 slot.

Kingmax recently released an M.2 SSD that uses NVMe. The NVMe controller enables the M.2 SSD to go beyond the speeds of conventional M.2 SSDs that are being held back by the speeds that they are getting from the SATA controller that they use. Those that use NVMe, like Kingmax Zeus PX3280, go past beyond the limits of read/write performance of SATA interface.

But will the Kingmax Zeus PX3280 M.2 deliver more than what we expect of it?


A lot of SSDs in the M.2 form, which are now swarming the market, share the same box size and package content, tho, some differ with their premium inclusion.

The Kingmax Zeus PX3280 M.2 NVMe SSD is somewhere in line of poorly packaged and boxed-with-only-the-important-stuff. Because, other than the plastic containers and the Zeus PX3280 itself, the box doesn’t hold any surprises or some basic stuff like warranty card or information documents that can be found in other brands.


Our testing method can easily be replicated. It’s consisted of synthetic benchmarks and our own real-world test. ATTO and Crystal Disk are our go-to synthetic benchmarking softwares when testing out the read/write performance of Hard Drives, SSDs, and other storage solutions. Our real-world test, on the other hand, is consisted of large chunk of random files to be moved to and from the PX3280.

Results and what we think:

Synthetics gave us the gist on the capability of the Kingmax Zeus PX3380, and with that, we expected it to perform well in our real-world tests – which it dominated. The results below show that the Kingmax PX3380 with its NVMe controller can swiftly transport large chunks of data to and from it.

The M.2 SSD market is slowly getting crowded with new releases and updates from respectable brands every now and then, but the Kingmax PX3280 squeezes itself near the leaders with its top notch performance.

The Kingmax PX3280 M.2 NVMe SSD and other Kingmax products are readily available in CD-R King and Octagon, so if you’re planning to try out some of the products of Kingmax, then head on over to these stores.

Kingmax is officially distributed by Redwood Ventures Inc.,